2nd Off/DPO/Pipe Lay/Far East

May 7, 2015 | | 6 comments
2nd Off/DPO/Pipe Lay/Far East


2nd Off/DPO/Pipelay/Far East


DP Full


Pipe Layer

Trading Area

Far East

Tour of Duty

6 weeks

Employment Status

Subject to discussion


USD 550 per day

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  • mykhaylo

    hello I am Wheaten Mikhail. I from Ukraine. Documents to 2-Off.Mozhno in your company to work for me as the cadet or Junior Off, AB thank you.+380668318261

  • Miguel Bueso

    Hello , my name is Miguel Bueso, i from Mexico actually work in GOM, i want to apply for this job, my e mail : miguel.bueso@hotmail.com, im very interested can you send the requirements?.

    Im Dynamic Positioning Operator with 4 years to experience in many types of vessel DP.

    Best Regards.

  • Good day sir,
    I am Rey Stephen Romales presently as second officer for LPG pressurised since 2009. i have also experience LNG and Fully refrigerated LPG and handling chief officer license.
    Willing to apply in your good office as your opening off shore vessel. Please give me a chances.
    Anyway my email add. reyromales@gmail.com and mob. # +63 929 8405293

    Thank for your kindness and consideration.

  • Hosam Geber

    Good day Sir/Madam,

    I am First Officer/SDPO Hosam Geber,have been working on offshore vessels for the last 7 years different projects in Oil & Gas industry, ( 4 years 2nd/Off DPO on DSV Sat/Air & 1 year 7 months 1st/Off on DSV Sat ).Also experienced in ROV Work-Class , DP2-Dive/Construction Barge & PSV .
    Currently seeking a suitable Role considering my experience and background in a well-established offshore company.

    Thanks and Best Regards

    Hosam Geber
    First Officer/ SDPO
    Mob: 002/ 0100-6633-938

  • Vlado Bujaković

    Good day,

    my name is Vlado Bujaković and I would like to apply for the position of 2nd officer DPO.
    I am in possession of a full DPO certificate and a dutch CoC.
    I have gained my DP experience by working on different DP2 rock dumping vessels.
    At the moment I have over 3000 DP hours.

    My e-mail is: vladobujakovic@gmail.com

    Thank you and kind regards

  • Lachin Almuradov

    I have 3 years offshore work experience on DP2 vessel PSV and AHTS. I am working Topaz Marine- BUE Caspian. I know three languages. English, Russian and Turkish. I have a full DP certificate…..

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