Bosuns, Stewards, Cooks, Crane Operators for Offshore Vessels

Nov 19, 2016 | | 32 comments
Bosuns, Stewards, Cooks, Crane Operators for Offshore Vessels

Seafarers – MPSV, DSV, AHTS, Seismic, Accommodation Vessel Experience

In order to meet our growing requirements for the increased fleet, we are looking for seafarers that have experience on MPSV, DSV, AHTS, Seismic and Accommodation vessels. Specifically, we are looking for suitably qualified:

  • Bosuns
  • Integrated Ratings
  • Chief Stewards
  • Stewards
  • Chief Cooks
  • Cooks
  • Crane Operators

All positions are required to have the following:

  • Current CoC’s and/or STCW
  • Valid STCW seafarer’s medical obtained within last 12 months
  • Security Awareness Endorsement
  • Valid MSIC
  • Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Valid TBOSIET (desirable)

Applicants are required to complete a GO Application Form, and submit below or email to email.

Subject line should state [Full name] – [Position being applied for].

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  • Meca Ionut

    Good day.My name is Meca Ionut,32 year old, i m romanian seaman with qualification Ab.My email is

  • Szalewski Jarosław

    Hello, my name is Jaroslaw Szalewski. I am an experienced cook with eleven years of experience, two years as a chef cook. I work on the ship DSV, which employs an average of 100 crew members. I have a passion for cooking, willing to use their culinary skills to work on the ship. Communicative English skills enabling work in a team of chefs English-speaking. I’m ready to work now. I have all the necessary permissions. My e-meil

  • Piotr Stysiński

    Hello I am Piotr Stysinski i am offshore crane operator stage 2.
    I don’t have experience on offshore vessels.
    But I really want to work on offshore.
    I have valid BOSIET and rest certificates and documents.
    Kind regards.
    My email

  • Sergejs

    Experienced steward available. Email:

  • Liviu Craioveanu

    Hello,I am Liviu Craioveanu experienced as Steward(RO-RO Pass) and Chief Steward(Drill Rig and onshore Base)

  • Igor Okunev

    Experenced offshore crane operator. Please call +79991200165 any time.

  • Igor

    Interested in the vacancy Messsman. Experience a 4 contract for tankers chemical tankers.

  • Oleg Akimov

    Experienced Camp Boss, Chief Steward, Chief Cook is ready for a position I am skilled for.
    Please contact me any time +79216154523 or e-mail:

  • Oleg Akimov

    Fluent in ENGLISH. Good knowledge of Italian, French, American and most European cousins and others. I lived and worked in Canada for 9 years, working in different restaurants there, including WESTIN Hotel for two years.
    18 years of culinary experience, and 11 years of sea-going experience, mostly with mixed crews and English-spoken as Camp Boss, Vessel Facility Manager, Chief cook/Steward, Head of catering department, Chef, cook.
    Extensive knowledge in all areas of restaurants, catering department on different types of vessels, oil rigs, fields and hotel operations.
    Exceptional ability to lead staff, organise and coordinate activities.
    Experienced in planning menus, dinners and other events, budgeting, inventory, purchasing, computer skills, analysing the needs of a client, administrative skills and some accounting.
    I have got recommendation letters from senior superiors of recognisable companies as well.

  • Roman Kozuchov

    Currently looking position of Offshore Crane Operator with indate Offshore Crane Operator Stage 3 certificate,PNI Norway G5 certificate,G20 Norwegian certificate,FOET & CA – EBS,CAA,AB indate ticket,3 seamens books,2 Medicals and all necessary offshore certificates for AB,Deck Hand, Crane Operator position.Sufficient experience in different offshore operations on different units ( semi sub,drillship,ROV support,construction,IRM,DSV,OCV and survey vessels).Fully conversant with Health and Safety systems such as Permit to Work,Safety Job Analysis,WRP,WRA.Commited to improving skills through continuous development.Competent in the use of a range of cranes including HYDRALIFT,SEATRAX,LIEBHEER,NOV,DRAGGEN,,TTS,HUISMAN,MCGREGOR,SMST,FAVELLE FAVCO and etc. I am reliable,adaptable,hardworking.Good communication skills and can converse with all levels of people and backgrounds. Besides, I am able to maintain crane in good condition, follow all necessary programms for maintanence,log books,pre fly checks,PMs and etc.

    My resume will provide you with a more details regarding my skills and experience. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can discuss the possibility of my working with you. I may be contacted at + 37065790635 or AVAILABLE ON SHORT NOTICE!!!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Andrii Iermilov

    Control Tower/Anchor Winch Operator/Crane Operator/Assistant Crane Operator/ Bosun / A/B. Andriy Yermilov. looking for new apportunities in Offshore and Tankers Fleet. Now I’m actively looking for employment in offshore industry on board different types of Ships,Barges,Boats,Platforms for any Projeсts or Tankers Fleet. With 28+ years experience of work at sea on different types of merchant and offshore ships(barges)wifh multi national crew.

    16 years at Tankers Fleet . 3 years Experience on Offshore Fleet of Pipe-layers,Trenching,Dredging,Cable Lay Projects.Qualified Unlimited Bosun / A/B /Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator / Crane Operator/Assistant Crane Operator. I believe I would be one of your best employees given the opportunity to work within or for your company.

    The knowledge and skills that I have gained working on board of various type of ships for over 28+ years, is a testament to the high level of work that I have provided various companies to date.

    Also I have experience of Anchor handling Operations at 10/8/4 Anchors,Pelligrini and Motive Winches. Crane Operator (Liebherr 100 t) . All Documents according STCW. BOSIET/HUET. Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator Sert.(OPITO).Offshore Craine Operator.(OPITO).Bosun / A/B. Medical Examination till 2017.Kazakhstan Visa.

    Please find attached my resume for detailed information on my skills, knowledge and employment. However I believe that I will be able to provide you with more specific information via a Skype or mobile interview. I am confident that I would be an asset to your company and look forward to hearing from you.

    I will consider any offers on work.

    Ready for a new opportunity.

    Best Regards

    Andriy Yermilov

    Mobile : +380966811918

    E-mail :

    Skype : Odessey86

    LinkedIn :

  • Constantin Catalin

    Hello , currently looking for job opportunity in Offshore industry, my name is Gorgoana Constantin Catalin looking for position as chief cook / camp boss.
    I am a Professional Chef, specialized in International Cuisine with over 17 years of experience accumulated working in different establishments as restaurants, hotels, of wich more than 13 on cruise liners, RO-RO Passengers and different ships from oil industry as anchor handling, supply and diving support vessels.
    I have accomplished working to all the sections and jobs within the galley, hot or cold operation and not only. Experience in A la carte restaurant also Brasserie and Buffet service in a large variety of cuisine North American, British, Eastern and Central European as well as Asian, Arabic and South African, fast-food or hot cooking dishes, as well as crew cook for a number of 100+ crew and officers with divers nationality.
    While working in this environment I’ve gained different qualities as working under pressure, organized and flexible at the working stand, resourcefully, proactive oriented, tactic and a trained diplomat with high experience in the field of International Cuisine.
    I’ve been leading teams of multinational cooks and stewards, I’ve been working as a chief cook as well as Camp Boss on the vessels in the Oil Industry and end all my contracts with very good appraisals from the captain and the other officers. And in all the time I have been on board everyone have been pleasantly surprise of the variety of the dishes produced.
    I consider myself being a proactive, communicative, easy going type of person.
    While versatile person I can work in a highly stressful environment, in a collective of persons or as well by my own.

  • Igor Okunev

    Good day, dear employer, my name is Igor Okunev. Please consider my CV for the position of 2nd Stage Crane Operator. I am reliable, serious, loyal and responsible candidate with good ability to learn fast. If you don’t have an open position which corresponds my qualification, please add my CV to your database of candidates to consider my candidature in the future.
    Thank you very much for your time and interest to my CV.

    With best regards, Igor Okunev.
    Phone mobile: 7999120165

  • Oleksiy Yakovlev

    Crane operator Stage2 (Sparrows). Jack Up, DSV-DP2, OSV, Multipurpose experience. Different kinds of cranes (10-700t.)

  • sandeep

    I’m Bosun/Crane Operator working on Construction/Pipelay vessel-DP-3 having NEBOSH IGC -safety officer course along with BOSIET,HLO,H2S etc course—

  • Piotr Stysiński

    Hello I am crane operator stage 2.
    Where I can send my Cv.
    This is my email address

  • Piotr Stysiński

    Hello I’m offshore crane operator stage 2.
    I have valid documents, So where I can send my Cv?
    My email address.
    Have a nice day 😎

  • Piotr Stysiński

    Hello I’m offshore crane operator stage 2 I have valid documents.
    This is my email address and where I can send my Cv?
    Have a nice day.

  • Luis Eduardo Parra Galindo


  • Ben Bakker

    i am available crane op stage 3

  • Ben Bakker

    i am available sr crane operator stage 3 email

  • igor

    Hello, I am looking for a job messman…Without experience, but willing to go through a trial period. My email

  • Dear Sir,

    I am looking for a job offshore as Chief Stewardess/ Stewardess position.
    Equipped with relational, enthusiastic and dynamic customer service and hospitality skills, with over 14 years on sea in Catering Department, i am confident in my ability to integrate effectively into your crew.
    To share experiments effectively inside a team, to support and serve the people of different cultures motivated me to select the above positions.
    As a passionate candidate, I would welcome the idea to give me this chance to work for your company.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • James Morrison

    Hello.. I am a offshore Heavy lift crane operator, 17 years offshore experience in the industry of offshore and lifting operations.
    Crane lifting experience on offshore platforms, jack up rigs, semi subs, drill ships, f.p.s.o vessels, jack up vessels, barges and jack up barges on drilling, sub sea and offshore construction with lattice boom pedestal cranes. Gantry cranes and knuckle boom cranes.. With crane certs for knuckle boom, frog personnel transfer, gantry crane and stage 3.
    Available ..please email c. v , certs and references on request.. with kind regards Jim Morrison

  • Jerome Guy

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Jerome k Guy; I have completed Marine Engineering at the Caribbean Maritime Institute in July 2013. I have the entire relevant document like CDC, except oil and chemical tanker. I wish to grab a position in the marine industry that offers an opportunity to make powerful contribution to organizational objectives through continuous development of professional skills. I request you to consider my application and to give me an opportunity if there is any vacancy for junior engineer or oiler in your reputed concern.

    Hereby I have attached my resume, waiting for your favorable reply.


    Jerome Guy


  • daniel victorio

    Daniel Victorio-Chief Cook

    I am
    Applying For a Chief Cook Position.I am a seasoned cook bringing more than 15
    years of experience in the offshore catering industry.

    I am adept to a fast paced environment,have served in a
    multi-cultural clients.I Have passion in my craft and have prepared foods to
    international standards.

    I have organizational
    skills,Initiative and a customer oriented attitude.Have produced aspiring cooks

  • Сережка Блинов Dear Employer,
    My name is Sergii Blinov,I`m from Lviv, region(Ukraine).
    Please find attached my application form.
    Kindly ask you to consider my candidature for Deckhand-ordinary seaman,Chief Stew or Steward position.

    I`m absolutely ready to join one of your good vessel on terms and conditions as per yours. I have Second class seaman Diploma,have promotion and positive reference from my previous Employers. I would like to improve my professional skills & grow-up in your good company.

    I’m reliable, responsible, hardworking, sociable and always do my work to get best results. It is not a problem for me to find common language with people. My English knowledge is according to rank.

    I lived in Madrid for 7 years, I speak Spanish fluently. I have a good understanding of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Familiar with all the standards of service for highly placed individuals. There is a lot of experience on yachts VIP class. And have excellent recommendations from the masters with whom I have worked also i fluent in Spanish language.

    Ready for work as soon as possible.The salary question is negotiable.

    Please contact me or send me your answer .
    My e-mail
    Mob.number +79788901406
    Viber +79788901406 Have a good day!
    Best Regards.
    Sergii Blinov

  • Hanes Tiberiu Marius

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies in your company. I enclose my CV for your information.

    As you can see, I have had extensive vacation work experience in catering environments, the oil and gas and service industries, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. I believe I could fit easily into your team.

    I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I’m keen to work for a company with a great reputation.

    I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience.

    In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV on file for any future possibilities.

    Hope to hear from you in the near future.

    Yours faithfully,


  • Wojciech Ogrodnik


    44 year old Polish, experienced Chief Steward . Sea service since 1996. Broad experience in all

    climatic zones on various types of ships: CRUISE SHIPS, SEISMIC, PSV, MPSV , DSV and

    ACCOMMODATION RIG vessels in worldwide service, had also graduated Hotel Management

    High School with the highest score and worked in one of the famouse restaurant in the country in Gdansk.

    Hard working person with a good communication in English (speaking and writing) who gets on with the

    crew on board the vessel. Experience in worldwide cooking and management of hotel department .

    I am very pleased if I will have an opportunity to be employed by your company.

    Yours faithfully,

    Wojciech Ogrodnik


    Dear Sir/Madame

    I was excited to see your opening for marine rating , and I hope to be called for an interview.

    My background includes serving as a waier/bartender and also as an engine cadet with the promotion as a 3rd enginner, but I don’t have the licence. Most recently, I worked as an maritime engine cadet, where my responsibilities included handling different tools, helping the enginners with every day job, cleaning, inventory of same chemicals, in charge of ususal maintenance and overhauling of the purifiers when 3rd was busy, and some usual mainentence for auxiliary engine.
    At this moment I am working in England as a service technician for HSS who is part of the Unipart group, previously, I worked at the Copthorne Millenium Hotel and also at the hotel “Ibis” as a waiter/bartender. On these positions, I demonstrated the ability to resolve a variety of issues and complaints (such as billing disputes, negative customer feedback).

    I am confident that you can see in me a hard working, responsible person. Feel free to call me at +407391028460 or e-mail me at to arrange an interview. Thank you for your time — I look forward to learning more about this opportunity!

    Stefanescu Alexandru

  • Oleg Petrov

    Ch.Cook. Exp.34 years , in position Ch Cook, all dokuments is ok.K.Regard

  • Remus Pepe

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please find my resume and consider my application for the Crane Operator Sparrows stg.3 position.

    I am a highly qualified as Crane Operator offering 22 years of experience in total (7 years offshore)on board jack-up drilling,accommodation, rigs, oil & gas production platform, HVDC,ship-yard, container terminals and stevedoring companies.
    As crane operator performing duties operation and maintenance cranes types as : portal, overhead, harbor mobile, lattice, gantry, RMG, RTG, etc. brands as Liebherr, Gottwald, Mitsubishi, ZPMC, Seatrax, NOV,MacGregor,National and much more. Also I can succesfully perform as mechanic (motorman) , as follow as I’ve completed the Marine High School with Diploma , after two years of Marine Army stage as motorman , following eight years of sailing as motorman on cargoship and containers ships.
    I am confident that these years of experience will certainly provide me the much needed background for a successful and productive career, in your organization.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Remus Casian Alexandrescu

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