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We would like to introduce you our crewing Agency “NordVEGR Ltd.” Kaliningrad, RUSSIA The history of our Agency is not too long, but rather successful. Kaliningrad is known in Russia as seamen area with long established traditions, great seamen society, initially from fishing and reefer fleet. Well known Marine College and Kaliningrad Marine State Academy. Our agency has started in year of 2000 with one vessel m/v Baltica Hav. From the beginning our Agency is dealing mostly with Russian seafarers.


Type of vessel: General Cargo

Salary: EUR150-300/month (depending on year of maritime education).

Contracts for 2+2 months or +2 months, depending on practice programm.

Candidates to be more, then 18 years old.

Citizens of Kaliningrad region are preferable.

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  • Andrei Cip


  • Alin

    I have 3 months experience on a cruise ship as a deck cadet, april-july 2015.I also have all IMO and docs neccesary. contact-

  • Cristi Palcau
    All the documents needed

  • Stefan Casaru All documents needed

  • Grecianu Cosmin
    All documents needed

  • stratianubogdan

    I want to apply for this job.My email adress is

  • Oleksii

    Hello! I’m 18 y.o.. I’m finished third course in MK KSMA on navigational department. I studing well because i love my future job. I would like to get more maritime expirience. I am a responsible ,honest, communicative and smart person. I don’t have bad habits. All documents needed.

  • Alex Tuturin

    Dear Sirs, I’m looking for vacancy in your good company. Salary is not very important as I need an experience. My English is mid level, so I can work in mix crew. I’m sociable and good-working person. I’m interested in any work.
    My contacts:
    tel. +38063-392-09-45

  • John Mico S. Calilung

    Good Day Sir/Ma’am:

    My objectives is to seek employment where i can obtain challenging and rewarding position as deck cadet and where i can utilize my skill in marine field.. I am currently studying at Midway Maritime Foundation Inc. In the Philippines. I am writing this to express my intention to the said position.. In coming June 27, 2016 is our graduation, I ensured that I am fully equiped with knowledge and trainings with the help of our foundation. I will be glad to discuss more informations about my other qualification. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in your oen convinient at (+63) 926 605 7649 or thru my email at Thank you very much

  • Daniel Figueroa

    Recieve a cordial greeting my name is Daniel Figueroa Baldit, I am Mexican, I am fluent in English, native speaker of Spanish and basic skills in German, I would like to apply for the Deck Cadet position, I will be a fresh graduate from Nautical Institute “Fernando Siliceo y Torres” on June with no experience looking for a good company to teach me how to become a good navigator and finish my sea training, I would appreciate your consideration for this job, please feel free to contact me at any time at: , thank you for your time

  • Nerissa Jean S. Sodusta

    To the Hiring Officer;

    I am Nerissa Jean S. Sodusta 23 years old with average English communication applying to be one of your deck cadet in this company. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at Regency Polytechnic College Koronadal City. Believing that my alma mater equipped me well with knowledge and skills to be globally competitive. I’m hardworking, can work more than working hour,can easily adapt, determined, persistent, and can be trusted with any assigned task, can also work with less supervision. I am a quick learner and can pick up new concepts and tasks quickly and would like to begin training as an apprentice mate as soon as possible.

    I already attached some of the following basic training and requirements; Shipboard Training, Basic Safety Course and Basic Safety Training and Instruction, Passport and Seaman book. You can contact me at or at 09184583234/09209714060.

    Hoping and looking forward for your response in this application.

  • Arthi Anisah Cian

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    here with i would like to apply for joining in your good company for the Deck Cadet Position on your board Your good vessel. My application, i also supporting documents including Curriculum Vitae for confinience those are my short data’s:
    Name: Arti Anisah
    Register number: 13.49.1035
    Departement: Nautical Department
    Place, and date of birth: Brebes, 16 may 1993
    Sex: Female
    Mobile no. : +6285702089393
    e-mail :
    Paspor Serial number: B 2736087
    Seaman Book Serial Number : E 002463
    BASIC SAFETY TRAINING certificate number : 6211505152310115
    MEDICAL FIRST AID certificate number : 6211501523070315
    ADVANCE FIRE FIGHTING certificate number : 6211501523060315
    PROFICIENTCY OF SURVIVAL CRAFT AND RESQUE BOATS certivicate number : 6211501523040315
    Colour of Hair is BLACK
    Colour of Eyes are DARK BROWN
    Colour of Skin is BROWN
    Height is 158 CM
    Weight is 49 KG
    Blood Group is O
    In my strength are dicipline, Good working and i have good ability for english i hope you will consider my application and would be please to call and interview at anytime convenient yo you

    (Arti Anisah)

  • Dear Sir/Ma’am

    My name is Jupiter Marchito 19 years old. I graduated at Pangasinan, Undaneta City, I’m excellent cadet. I would like to apply as Deck Cadet. I’m very hardworking peson, resposible, ambitious and happy person.

    Name: Jupiter Marchito
    Sex: Male
    Instituation: Panpacific University North Philippines
    Mobile no: +639058840387/+639286006654

  • Azhar Mas

    Good day sir! my name is azhar mas, id like to apply as deck cadet, im a simple man who love work hard!. im from indonesia and now im studying at “stimar” indonesia maritime academy. please contact me by email: by phone: +6281218782547

  • Dennis C Fernandez

    Good day Ma’am/Sir,

    I’am Dennis C. Fernandez,BS.Marine Transportation graduate. Hereby applying as Deck Cadet. I have already 1 year sea going experience in domestic trade in RoRo/Passenger Vessel.

    I ca be reach via email at
    or my mobile #+639361532490

    Best regards
    To your agency/company
    Godbless you all and more power

    Passport # EB007880740
    Issued: 16.04.2013

    SIRB #C0035481
    Issued: 15.04.2013
    Valid: 13.04.2018

    SRC # CB61206-06
    Issued: 28.06.2016


    BT-LGT #30-27917
    issued 24.05.2016 valid24.05.2021

    BT #24-597295
    issued 11.05.2016 valid 11.05.2021

    PSCRB #15-457416
    Issued 11.05.2016 valid 11.05.2021

    MARPOL #54628
    Issued 21.06.2013 valid 20.06.2018

    RFNW #33699
    Issued 23.05.2013 valid 22.05.2018

  • John Michael V. Rafal

    Dear Maam/Sir . Im JOHN MICHAEL VILLARUEL RAFAL i would like to apply for Deck cadet in your company . Fresh Graduate This Year 2016 From PHILIPPINE MARITIME INSTITUTE (PMI( . i hope to hear from you soon

  • Lorena Serban

    Hello, I’m a Deck Cadet fresh graduated this year from the nautical school “Gioeni Trabia” of Palermo (Italy). My name is Lorena Aurelia Serban, I’m a romanian girl and I’m 20 years old. I love this work and I want to start my experience on board. I have the BASIC training+security duties+passenger ships training and the passport. Please contact me, if you need a Deck Cadet :

  • Eric Balalio Julian

    Good day Ma’am/Sir. I’m Eric Balalio 21 years old graduate this year from Dr. Carlos. Lanting. I would like to apply to you’re company as deck cadet I’m caerful and hardworking person i listened to instruction attentively and carry out those instruction diligently

    contact no. 09753347682

  • Christina Phoenix

    Hello, My name is Kristina Kolinkoeva and some from Bulgaria. I study Maritime Navigation in Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy of Varna, Bulgaria and I’m in my second year. I’m 21 and would like to apply for a position as a deck cadet in your company. I have Certificate of basic safety training, Certificate for seafarers with designated security duties, Certificate of basic safety training on passenger ships, marine passport, medical certificate, training book from the university and a big desire to study and develop my abilities and knowledge. Contact me if you need a Deck Cadet:

  • Ivan Domić

    I am Ivan Domić, from Croatia.
    I am looking for a job. Applied for a deck cadet, i finished maritime school. I hope that you have some opportunity for me. I will be very glade to work for your company. Best Regards!

  • Gavin Craig

    Im very interested in this job oppurtunity i have all certificates and also have sea experience in the merchant navy, my email is


    I am Paolo Mendoza, From Philippines.
    I’m 21yrs. old
    I am looking for this opportunity to apply for a deck cadet, I finish my maritime school and i have a training certificate. Contact me. Thank You.
    e-mail :

  • Shuvendu Paul

    Hello i am shuvendu paul from Bangladesh. I studied Maritime Navigation in bangladesh marine academy .I’m 22 and would like to apply for a position as a deck cadet in your company. I have Certificate of basic safety training, Certificate for seafarers with designated security duties, Certificate of basic safety training on tanker,cdc, passport, medical certificate and a big desire to learn and develop my abilities and knowledge. Contact me if you need a Deck Cadet:

  • kevin chavez

    I am john kevin chavez, From Philippines.
    I’m 25yrs. old
    I am looking for this opportunity to apply for a deck cadet, I finish my maritime school and i have a training certificate. Please Contact me. Thank You.

  • Van Christian

    Dear Maam/Sir . Im JANUEL VAN CHRISTIAN ALICANTE. i would like to apply for Deck cadet in your company . Fresh Graduate This Year 2017 From PHILSIN college. BSMT ( . i hope to hear from you soon )

  • Carlos James L. Dionisio

    Dear Ma’am/ Sir. I would like to apply in your company. I have complete documents and hope I’m qualified enough for your company. My name is Carlos James Dionisio, BSMT. Thank You and have a wonderful day always.

  • Melq M. Salempa

    Dear maam/sir

    I am melky marthe yuli, I am 20 years old.
    I have complete document (BOCT,BLGT,Radar &arpa,bst,mefa,aff,sdsd,sat,pasport,yellow card)
    I have looked a article and is assume that you require a deck cadet..
    In this I assume that I am able even in english or skill and knowledges as deck cadet and really passion to join and apply this job as deck cadet.
    I am going to work hard as applying and practice every single knowledge what I have got from my academic (merchant marine polytehnic of makassar).

    I look forward to the oppurtunity to meet you, which I will explain and prove the potential and ability my self in more and depth.

    Facebook:melq m.salempa
    id line:melq15
    Number phone:081253406750

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