Vacancies for Reefer

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Vacancies for Reefer
RankType VesselDWT/BHPDateSalary, USDDuration
MasterReefer9,000-18,000Oct – Dec’169,500 + o/t3+/1 month
Ch.OffReeferSameOct – Dec’167,800 + o/t3+/-1 month
2nd.OffReeferSameOct – Dec’163,900 + o/t8+/-1 month
3rd.OffReeferSameOct – Dec’163,500 + o/tSame
Ch.Eng.ReeferMAN,PLST,MitsubishiOct – Dec’169,500 + o/t3+/-1 month
2nd.Eng.ReeferSameOct – Dec’167,800 + o/t3+/-1 month
3rd.Eng.ReeferSameOct – Dec’163,900 + o/t8+/-1 month
4th.Eng.ReeferSameOct – Dec’163,500 + o/tSame
ETOReeferSameOct – Dec’165,800 + o/t3+/-1 month
Ref.Eng.ReeferSameOct – Dec’165,800 + o/t3+/-1 month
FitterReeferSameOct – Dec’162,200 + o/tSame

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  • Jason Kropf

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a cheif steward/cook/chef position on board ship for as long as possible as I have previously done on the c.s.l.cabo that has now been decommissioned.happy to work long term on any kind of ships. Phone 0438560614, Australia. Email.
    Yours Sincerely Jason Kropf

  • Fadhil Halim

    Dear Sir,
    i am a Malaysian seafarer and holding fresh third class C.O.C from Malaysia. previously i had 12 month experienced of RORO vessel. i am ready to serve on board your vessel as thirdmate or junior officer.
    Please contact:
    +60 0136895698

  • Sukarno.david

    Dear Sir,

    My Name is David Sukarno. I am 24 years old from Madiun. East Java, Indonesia. I am a quick learner, responsible, good attitude, and very hard working.
    Sir, I am interested in your job and i have fresh graduate COC 3, I am confident that, if you recruit me, you’d enjoy my presence and progress in your team. Also,I do not mind relocating at all, in a short notice to fill any vacancy in your company.
    Here is my contact address, if you wish to contact me for the job and or my resume, and +6282231226430

    Thank you Sir, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Danilo Djilas

    I am CM3000GT and OOW Unlimited just refreshed STCW2010 and reissued so tickets valid to October 2021.Issuing country and my location MONTENEGRO. Ready for new assignment as Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, Delivery OOW and have awesome yachting experience for the positions and for crossings also. B1B2 visa in hand. +38269212080

  • Shah Tarik Hikmat (Rone)

    I am Shah Tarik HIkmat(BANGLADESHI) fresh coc class 3 holder(all the courses are up to date as per stcw 2010). I had 17 month 14 days Reefer cargo working experience as deck cadet. I wish to join in your good vessel as 3rd officer. Please let me what to do from my side.

  • EL-bardisy Mahmoud Captain
    i am ready 3rd officer

  • Matin Kapadi

    hello sir iam matin i kapadi fresh oow deck coc holder looking for 3rd officer job ready to join any time iam indian national with uk coc and india cdc. currently in uk .. previous experience is with mostly container vessels . if you do have vaccancy for 3rd officer then iam ready to join as soon as possible.
    thank you

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