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Jan 4, 2016 | | Say something
AddressHolmefjordvegen 6 6090 FOSNAVÅG NORWAY
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About Rem Offshore

The roots of Rem Offshore ASA date back to 1978, when a young Age Remøy, together with family, in-laws and friends, decided to purchase an old rebuilt fishing vessel from Canada.

The company is located in new and modern offices in Fosnavåg, where we provide ownership and full management of what can only be defined as one of the most modern fleets of offshore vessels in the world.

Rem Offshore’s vision to contribute with competence, vessels and qualified employees offshore and onshore. We wish to develop good relations to our customers both nationally and globally.

Rem Offshore ASA has been in a continuous expanding period since January 2006. We will therefore need many new crewmembers.

Our policy is to take care of our crew and we want them to have a good job satisfaction. To develop the skills for each crewmember is challenging, but we have managed to do that during these past few years. We have many NOR-registered ships and therefore we have several trainee positions in the company. Trainees are important for the recruitment to the company as well as in order to get hold of enough skilled and certified competence in the future. We believe that this is basic for a good working environment.

We are about 400 employees but will increase rapidly in line with our newbuilding programme.

Working together as a team offshore and onshore can be very challenging, but also very interesting. Good cooperation is a top priority in our organization, in order to meet demands from charterers and their clients.

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