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AddressLokkeveien 107 P.O. Box 110, 4001 Stavanger Norway
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About Seadrill

Seadrill is a leading offshore drilling contractor employing approximately 9000 highly skilled employees. Our aim is to unlock oil and gas for the benefit of our customers and their customers in the safest most efficient way. For all of us at Seadrill it is all about safe, efficient operations:

Our headquarters are in London and we operate from six regional offices around the world – Oslo, Dubai, Houston, Singapore, Rio De Janeiro and Ciudad del Carmen.
We operate a versatile fleet of 68 rigs that comprises drillships, jack-up, semi-submersibles and tender rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deepwater areas in both harsh and benign environments.
Our fleet is the youngest, most modern of all the major offshore drilling contractors.
We employ approximately 9,000 skilled employees.
We are recognized for providing the highest quality operations, in the most challenging sectors of offshore drilling.

Our business strategy is to develop our modern state-of-the-art offshore drilling units a main focus on deepwater operations. We have one of the most modern fleets in the industry and believe that by combining quality assets and experienced and skilled employees we will be able to provide safe efficient operations, and establish, develop and maintain a position as a preferred provider of offshore drilling services for our customers.

We believe that a combination of quality assets and highly skilled employees will facilitate the procurement of long-term contracts and premium dayrates. We have grown our company significantly since its incorporation in 2005 and have strong ambitions to continue this growth. We believe that the combination of long term contracts, the best employees and our quality, modern fleet will provide us with the platform for such growth and allow us to increase return on investment.

Our vision

Setting the standard in drilling!

Our goal is ambitious and applies throughout our entire operation.

  • taking the lead
  • being energetic and inspiring
  • setting examples to be followed
  • reaching ambitious goals
  • being demanding
  • challenging each other and our customers
  • taking pride in the work we do

It also means that we believe it is possible to operate without injuries in all our activities.

Our core values

Our corporate culture embodies a number of core values. We have made five of these explicit to enable us to make good decisions. These values are fundamental to our identity and cannot be compromised.

  • Safety conscious
  • Accountable
  • Inspirational
  • Loyal
  • Proactive

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