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About Gazflot

LLC Gazflot is Gazprom Open Joint Stock Company 100 % owned subsidiary. It is aimed to perform single policy in geological exploration and the Russian Federation continental shelf gas and oil field development.

Company sets itself in Gazprom structure as a company providing increase of hydrocarbons reserves, implementation of all range of works in the offshore gas fields development, production logistics by marine transportation, and also other types of marine works.

 Main directions of Gazflot activities

As a part of implementation Gazprom’s programs of oil and gas field exploration at the Russian and foreign shelf and according to foundation documents, Gazflot performs the following activities:
Geological exploration
Ground well testing
Field arrangement and exploitation
Construction of marine mining and drilling units, fleet and other specialized floating technical equipment
Development and exploitation of the coast base and harbor infrastructure
Hydrocarbons logistics by the marine transportation
Fleet handling and its commercial exploitation
Facilities monitoring
Environmental monitoring
Gazflot has site license for all purpose construction of wells at the ground and continental shelf, oil and gas field development, implementation of marine passenger and freight traffic, geophysical study in oil and gas wells.

Managing-production structure Gazflot is organized on territorial principle and includes administrative centre and three branches – Murmanks, Kaliningrad and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Administrative centre

Administration co-ordinates company’s activities, provides execution of works by all kinds of activities and registration of the allowing documentation for wells construction and fleet operation, the organization of works with contractors and material and technical supply implosion, finances, payments, conclusion of contracts.

Murmansk branch

Murmansk branch provides wells development and oil extraction at Prirazlomnoe, Shtokmanovskoe fields and other facilities at the arctic shelf and Yamal peninsula (transloading, bunkering with technical and fresh water, diesel fuel for ships, platform facilities maintenance)

Kaliningrad branch

The Kaliningrad Branch organizes fleet operation, ship crews gathering, registration of ships and wells, expediting of cargoes and customs procedures performance. Branch structure includes: management, lift vessel “Gazshelf”, supply vessel tug “Desna”, “Dunai”, “Kuban”, passenger ship “Topaz”, research vessel “Academician Golitsyn”, groups of supervision over fuel ship construction and a specialized floating craft with decompression chamber for maintenance of underwater pipelines.

Far East branch

Far East branch provides exploration works at the Sea of Okhotsk shelf.