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State companies which developed only ashore hydrocarbon oilfields before in 1970-s had received a directive from the government to start activity offshore the the Sea of Okhotsk. The exploration drilling offshore Sakhalin island in the Sea of Okhotsk has commenced in 1970-s and was the first ever case in Russia where the oil and gas fields has been developed not on the land, but offshore in the sea.
Company named «Far East Marine Administration of Exploration drilling» (DMURB) had been established on Sakhalin in 1976 year for the purpose of offshore exploration drilling in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Primary Activities

A new private group of companies under the common name Femco Group was established in 2004 year on the basis of high qualified and experienced personnel of state-owned «Far East Marine Company» (FEMCO). Nowadays Femco Group is the only private company in Russia who is a professional marine operator specialized in management of Anchor Handling Tug Supply and Dry Cargo vessels.

Being Owner and Operator of the contemporary Offshore Support and Dry Cargo Vessels fleet Femco Group carefully preserves its traditions and continues improving of providing services quality, including operations in harsh ice environment, at the same time focuses on environment protection and safety navigation in accordance with international standards.

Femco Group having wealth of experience, knowledge and the newest technologies as well as future outlook offers a wide range of high quality services:

  • A full range Offshore Support Vessels Services
  • Transportation of general cargo
  • Commercial / technical management of offshore support vessels
  • Personal transportation
  • Performance of towing work
  • Provision of technical guidelines, quick operation and any other kind of management

Careers & Jobs

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