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About Tidewater

Tidewater created the “work boat” industry with its 1956 launch of the Ebb Tide, the world’s first offshore vessel tailor-made to support the offshore oil and gas industry. Today, Tidewater has the largest fleet of OSVs in the industry, and we’re the oldest and most experienced provider of the marine support services for this vital industry.

Tidewater has a global footprint, with over 90% of its fleet working internationally in more than 60 countries. Around the world, we stand ready to transport crews and supplies, tow and anchor mobile rigs, assist in offshore construction projects and perform a variety of specialized marine support services.

We are strongly committed to:

Operating safely;
Minimizing environmental impacts;
Developing the next generation of specialized marine support vessels, and
Preserving our financial strength through solid returns, a strong balance sheet and disciplined capital management.

Tidewater is the leading provider of larger Offshore Service Vessels to the global energy industry. With its large, new vessel fleet, a global footprint, leading safety performance, and over 50 years of experience providing marine support services, we’re serving customers who are operating in more remote, deeper and increasingly hostile environments in order to meet the world’s energy demands.

Careers & Jobs

Offshore / Offshore supply vessel...

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  1. Thanks Tidewater Marine Australia’s P.N.G for giving me the opportunity to equipped myself with the Safety Culture in whatever I do for the last 3..5 years I was with the company. Safety starts from home. .

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