Consolidated Marine Management

Jan 26, 2016 | | Say something
Address4 Xenias Street 145 62 Kifisia - Greece
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About Consolidated Marine Management

Consolidated Marine Management Inc (CMM), a company of Latsco Shipping Ltd., provides from offices based in Kifisia operational, technical, financial and ship building services.

CMM is focused on the highest principles of quality, integrity, safety, health and protection of the environment, with long-established goals and short term targets for performance excellence, profitability and growth in the management of clean energy transportation vessels.

CMM pursues all entrepreneurial ventures with integrity, consistency to incident-free operations and the ultimate aspiration of providing excellent value through long-lasting customer relationships.

Our Mission

The mission of CMM is to operate in the most safe, efficient and effective way a continuously growing fleet of oil, chemical and LPG carriers serving the needs of our customers, protecting their interests and fulfilling their expectations, by providing and maintaining a working environment where the risk is properly appreciated, understood and managed through a commitment to continuously improvement of health, safety, quality, environmental and energy performance

Our Vision

To become the leaders in our field through continuous development of business excellence, health, safety, quality, protection of the environment and energy efficiency

Careers & Jobs

Chemical tanker / Oil tanker / Tanker...

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