Delta Tankers

Jan 27, 2016 | | Say something
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About Delta Tankers

DELTA TANKERS LTD was established in 2006 and currently manages a modern fleet of twenty-one tankers with a total deadweight in excess of 3 million M/T. Through its commitment to safe and environmentally responsible operations combined with high quality service to its clients, DELTA has secured a leading role as an international ship manager and operator.

The growth of DELTA demonstrates its success in assimilating and implementing the multiple environmental, safety and security regulations in force today, and in meeting the needs of the shipping industry for safe and efficient world-wide marine transportation.

DELTA is committed to maintaining its leading position in the international shipping community and its optimum operational, quality, environmental and safety standards.

Delta currently manages a fleet of 24 tankers with a total deadweight in excess of 3.8 million M/T.

The average age of the vessels in service is 4 years. All the vessels incorporate features, equipment and systems that meet or exceed the strictest global safety and environmental standards and Class, Flag and industry requirements.

Careers & Jobs

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