Vadero Ship Management

Feb 1, 2016 | | Say something
AddressStrandvägen 24, SE-457 72 Grebbestad, SWEDEN
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About Vadero Ship Management

Vadero Ship Management Incorporated is representing an organisation that controls ship owing companies and ship technical managing companies. The modern age of the fleet controlled is a combined result of the phase out of older quality tonnage and the replacement with new built vessels.
Today the organisation well represents the marine industries demands for quality tonnage and the use of advanced technology in operation.

One of the organisations well established policies has always been to focus in resources such as personnel and positive attitudes in order to improve performance and operation onboard the companys well maintained vessels. We mean that the focus on personnel is definitely a demand for accomplishing our zero-vision regarding accidents onboard our vessels.
The organisation is also looking into running of vessels throughout their whole period of service with the same good quality all the time. We are constantly trying to develop our management since we believe that this is one of the keys to safer shipping and cleaner seas. Our shorebased personnel are all having seagoing tanker experience and key-positions are held by Master Mariners.
Our track-records and our good relations with authorities, classification societies, the public and the oil majors clearly shows everyones confidence in doing business with us. We see this as a positive receipt of our way of working and as a proof of that we accept full responsibility for the marine environment, both onboard and in the ocean. Full responsibility must be taken by all carrying oil products at sea and by land.

The organisation own and runs vessels through the company Rederi AB VaderoTank in Sweden or through its Norwegian managing company Linnea Shipping A/S. The company also control and runs several other companys, among them is European Eco Tankers.
By owing and running vessel through the own organisation the company has developed a good knowledge within several areas. We ourselves are responsible for quality management in all of the organisation and our quality assurance systems are well developed throughout the organisation, including the top management. We are responsible for employing all personnel ourselves or by using our manning agent whom we have co-operated with for a long period of time.
We are happy to assist in any shipping related business you may require, such as consulting for newbuildings, development of existing ships, management or quality assurance. We are open for new business inquiries from potential new customers and we welcome you to contact us.