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AddressFiskgatan 7 471 32 Skärhamn
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About Tarbit Shipping AB

Tarbit Shipping AB has been transporting bitumen, petroleum products and chemicals since 1962. The company is owned by the Hermansson and Svanström families. The shipping company is characterised by high environmental safety, a sense of responsibility and effectiveness. Tarbit is a flexible and customer-focused shipping organisation.

It’s long experience has resulted in – invaluable knowledge in dealing with customers interests in safe transportation. New technology, experience and good seamanship are other important ingredients which guarantee that the shipping company makes high demands of itself with regard to safety, quality and the environment. Our objectives is to be a dependable transport partner today and in the future.

Safe transports are our objective
Skärhamn has been the base of the shipping company from the outset. Today its office is in newly-built premises and is attractively located right next to the harbour. The majority of the staff at Tarbit’s office in Skärhamn have been to sea before coming ashore and this offers many benefits during their work. They must be able to understand the problems and provide support to the ships, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some people call this work – we call it shipping.

Most of the staff who are recruited have experience from life at sea. All of them have a great deal of experience and well-dccumented knowledge within their own particular specialist areas in shipping. The shipping company has all the skills that are necessary for modern tanker shipping and all the collective experience required for safe transportation of asphalt, petroleum products and chemicals.

Tarbit mission statement
Through safety and environmental excellence should we offer our customers a long-term committed, reliable and cost-effective transport partner, by using fit-for-purpose built tonnage manned with experienced, motivated and well-trained seafarers.

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