Torvald Klaveness

Feb 6, 2016 | | Say something
AddressP.O.Box 182 Skøyen, NO – 0212 Oslo, Norway
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About Torvald Klaveness

We are an operator, service provider and integrated owner. Founded in 1946, Klaveness is a leading service provider to the global drybulk industry. In addition the company has a unique concept for combination carriers and provides container feeder vessels to various operators.

The company is family owned with its main office in Oslo, Norway. Klaveness has approximately 170 employees on shore and nearly 900 employees at sea, representing some 20 nationalities. The company serves the shipping industry all over the world from offices in Oslo, Singapore, Shanghai, Manila, Rio and Constanta. Torvald Klaveness operates close to 150 vessels, which carry about 65 million tonnes of cargo annually.

At the core of Torvald Klaveness are the values we live by and the vision we pursue. These are preserved over time and not subject to change.

The vision of Torvald Klaveness is Improving the nature of shipping. Our legacy is to challenge status quo, and much of our success has been and is linked to finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping.

The vision provides direction and guiding along three dimensions:

we are always looking for new solutions

our ambition is to change the very nature of the shipping business

shipping is our market and where can we make a difference

The values of Torvald Klaveness define what we stand for and shall form the basis for all that we do.


We know our business in detail

  • Constantly update and renew competence
  • Deliver as promised
  • Build and contribute to teams
  • Keep it simple


We act on our principles

  • Ethics before profits
  • Be honest
  • Express your concerns
  • Address problems


We see through cycles

  • Seek lasting solutions
  • Never bet the company
  • Support the customer
  • Never give up


We challenge established thinking

  • Ask questions
  • Look for new solutions
  • Share with and build on insights of others
  • Try a little, learn a lot

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