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AddressP.O. Box 4 Skøyen, NO-0212 Oslo, NORWAY
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About Höegh LNG

Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. (Höegh LNG or The Company) provides floating energy solutions and operates world-wide with a leading position as owner and operator​ of floating LNG import terminals; Floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs). The Company has developed low-cost solutions for floating liquefaction terminals (FLNG) and is one of the most experienced operators of LNG Carriers (LNGCs). Höegh LNG’s vision is to be the industry leader​ of floating LNG terminal solutions and the strategy is to continue to focus growth plans on the FSRU and the FLNG market, with the objective of securing long-term contracts with strong counterparts at attractive returns.

Höegh LNG’s mission is to develop, manage and operate the group’s assets to t​he highest technical and commercial standards, thereby maximising benefits to its shareholders and other stakeholders. With a strong emphasis on technological development and operational excellence, H​öegh LNG is one of the LNG companies with the most versatile operational experience and technical ​​know-how, in addition to an impeccable safety record.​

Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. is listed o​n Oslo stock exchange with the ticker “HLNG”.The customer base comprises international energy majors and domestic utilities. Its registered office is in Hamilton, Bermuda and the management office is in Oslo, Norway.

Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. has established a Master Limited Partn​ership, Höeg​h LNG​ Partners LP, ​that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (US:HMLP)​. Höegh LNG Partners LP was formed to own, operate and acquire FSRUs, FLNGs, LNGCs and ot​her LNG infrastructure assets under long-term contracts. Höegh LNG’s intention is to, after commencing operation and thereby having de-risked the asset, sell its LNG assets on long term contracts to Höegh LNG Partners LP in order to recycle capital to further grow the company.

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