Anthony Veder

Feb 11, 2016 | | 1 comment
AddressParklaan 2 3016 BB Rotterdam The Netherlands
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About Anthony Veder

The Anthony Veder Group was incorporated in 1937 as a shipowner and port agent. In 1969, we began operating our first gas tanker and have been involved in gas shipping ever since. We operate exclusively gas tankers in all segements of the gas market, from CO2 to ethylene and from LPG to LNG. We own the majority of our fleet, but also operate gas tankers on behalf of other quality owners.

As an integrated shipping company we develop long-term relationships with our clients by offering safe, reliable and flexible service, with a wide range of high quality gas carriers. Quality will always prevail over quantity. We intend to achieve responsible growth and further improve our market position. Our company and its employees need to be able to adapt to continually changing internal and external circumstances. We can maintain and further improve our strong position in the market only when we strive to achieve our ambition and work in accordance with our values.

We will achieve our objectives when we strive to fulfil our ambition and work in accordance with our values. Our values represent who we wish to be and define our culture.


  • Everybody home safe.


  • We listen;
  • We do it first time right and learn from mistakes;
  • We give each other feedback.


  • We think in terms of opportunities.


  • We finish what we start;
  • We walk the talk;
  • We share and ask for information.


  • We improve continually;
  • We walk the extra mile.

Careers & Jobs

2nd engineer / Bosun / Catering staff / Chemical tanker / Chief engineer / Chief officer / Deck offi...
Gas tanker / Oil tanker / Tanker...