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Address8b, Gunara Astras Street, 7th Floor, Riga, LV-1082, Latvia
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About Aquaship

The principal structure of the Company consists of four main departments headed by Board of Directors:

  • Operational department
  • Technical Department
  • Personnel (Crewing) Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Legal Department
  • Safety and Quality Department

Operational Department in conjunction with the Master of the vessel plan the stowage of the cargoes to be carried so that the maximum revenue can be realised, as well as ensuring the safe and seaworthy of the ship. Operator to ensure that the voyage is carried out correctly and to monitor the performance of a vessel, both at sea and in port for the entire voyage. Operator finally to estimate the actual profit or loss for the voyage.

Technical department is in charge of day-by-day control of the vessels, ensuring safe and cost effective operation and meeting the needs of Owners / Charterers.

The company is also involved in Crewing Management. Its files contain data of a large range of seafarers of all possible ranks and qualification.

In general, all members of our staff ensure the customers to have access to around-the-clock expertise in recommendations and arrangements whenever and wherever you need them.