Patron Group

May 10, 2016 | | 1 comment
Address48, St Trophimus Street, Rabat, Meditteranain, Malta
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About Patron Group

Patron Group was founded 10 years ago as the Mother Company of a group of ship management and maritime servicing companies. Over the years our fleet fluctuated in size and specialization depending on the nature of the contracts we undertook. In all we have managed 28 ships of varying types, including tugboats, anchor handlers, supply ships, cargo ships, barges, fishing boats, freezer ships. We have taken on a wide range of projects including towing, salvage, offshore support, wreck removal, heavy lifts, port maintenance, seabed surveys, laying of pipelines, offshore support, tuna fishing, cargo transportation, high profile government commissioned jobs and much more. This broad range of projects has given us priceless experience and understanding on all aspects of many maritime operations and of the maritime industry in general.

Today, Patron Group has taken the knowledge and skills gained through its 10-year life of evolution and honed further a range of maritime services in which we are strongest and most competent. Another strength of ours lies in our solid network of associates, with whom we regularly partner up in order to take on new challenges – a huge network of maritime professionals with whom we have collaborated successfully over the years.

Operating from an Offshore Base in Valletta Port (Malta), at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Patron Group is strategically positioned to serve the maritime industry in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner. Our facilities include a very accessible 200m-long and 7m-deep quay, 5000 m? of quay space, and 4500m? of warehouse and office space.

Careers & Jobs

Chief engineer / Chief officer / Deck officer / Offshore / Tugboat...