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AddressNieuwe Vissershaven 5 8861 NX Harlingen The Netherlands
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About Abis Shipping

Ambitious and successful

Abis Shipping was founded on October 1st 2007. At the outset, Abis Shipping set a five year target to have more than 10 ships in service for short sea shipping, project cargos and river shipping. Due to the knowledge and experience of the Abis staff and input from local partners Abis Shipping has succeeded in reaching this target. This success ensures trust for the future!

Shipping company with a reputation

Abis has extended its organization into a complete service orientated shipping company. In the coming years, Abis intends to introduce various new series of ships for river shipping, short sea shipping, project cargo and the offshore industry. The key word here is innovation. Abis focuses its activities on technical support (technical management, coordination of the ship’s cargo, crewing and nautical services) and financial support (administration, financing and insurance) for the Abis ships. The chartering has always been contracted out to prominent charterers. The ships’ crewing is partly done by a dependable Dutch partner. Abis offers an inspiring work environment to reliable personnel. “Abis on board” means working with an expert and dynamic team of professionals.

The demanding market forms our vision

In short sea and river shipping, Abis is a player who anticipates and is flexible to the needs within the market. Abis’s vision regarding the commencement of new projects, optimal operations and the management of the ships is based on its own developed basic design, technical specifications and personally selected subcontractors. Together with our reliable Dutch commercial fleet manager, we have defined the most important principles and demands for new ships and incorporated them in the ship’s design. A complete basic design has been developed from the general plan for the ship. The general plan evolved from all our data and input.

Designs to the highest standard

The advisory service from CIG Maritime Technology offers Abis Shipping the capacity to develop a ship that is completely designed and equipped according to the specified parameters in the current market. By using our own technical specifications and the input from respected and well-known Dutch subcontractors, Abis Shipping builds the ships “casco plus” together with its ship building partner CIG Shipbuilding in Groningen. The hull is built in Poland and is then shipped to the home port in Harlingen for out fitting.

Our vision, in combination with the knowledge and expertise of our highly qualified staff, has enabled us to build the correct type of ship and therefore guaranteeing you the most efficient shipping with a high quality and young fleet.

Careers & Jobs

Chief engineer / Multi purpose vessel...
Chief officer / Multi purpose vessel...
Deck officer / Master / Multi purpose vessel...

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