Ahlmark Lines AB

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AddressP.O.Box 306, SE-651 07 Karlstad, SWEDEN
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About Ahlmark Lines AB

Ahlmarks started operations already in 1847. Read the fascinating story of how a business in Karlstad developed into an international enterprise with one thousand employees! Click at History to the left.

Ahlmark Lines is a subsidiary of O.F. Ahlmark & Co Efter A.-B. Today, the characteristic A, as in Ahlmarks, can be seen on the funnels of our ships all over Europe.

Our ships are often named after Swedish lakes, e.g. the Aspen, Fryken and Skagern – names that indicate safe and environmental-friendly transports.

Ahlmark Group’s shipping operations are today managed by Ahlmark Lines, a modern shipping company, with a flexible fleet, regular traffic service and other services that meet our customers’ present and future needs.

There are some basic principles, though, that we have no intention of changing, today or in future: Our susceptibility and flexibility, for example, achieved through close cooperation with our customers. Or the principle that our ships shall always meet high ice classification standards to enable sailing on Lake Vänern and in the Baltic even during harsh winter periods.

We cherish our reputation, and our motto is to offer competitive, safe and environmental-friendly transports.

We offer liner services and charter services between Lake Vänern/Northern Sweden ports and UK, Germany, The Netherlands and France.

We have several weekly liner services from Lake Vänern to UK, and from Northern Sweden ports to UK we offer liner services every second week.

Our fleet is carrying approximately 1.3 million tons of goods each year, consisting of approximately 0.8 million tons of forest and steel products outward bound, and approximately 0.5 million tons of raw material, mainly salt, pulpwood and biofuel homeward bound. A liner service system based on fixed schedules enables cost-effective shipping even of small amounts of goods. Considering also the environmental aspect, Ahlmark Lines is the obvious choice