Alp Maritime Services

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AddressMaastoren, 40th floor Wilhelminakade 01| mail 3072 AP Rotterdam The Netherlands
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About Alp Maritime Services

ALP is the specialist in the field of Ocean Towing, Offshore Positioning and Mooring of Floating Platforms, Heavy Transport and Salvage operations.

ALP’s team with decades of hands-on experience in the most complex and largest towing, transport and installation projects, is ready to serve ALP’s worldwide clients with the finest equipment that the maritime towing and transport industry has to offer.

ALP has a fleet of ten vessels at its disposal, ranging from 200 to 306 tonnes bollard pull, which are used for:

  • World-wide ocean towage, any distance
  • Positioning and hook-up of floating installations to pre-laid mooring systems
  • Anchoring of installations and floating objects
  • Disconnecting and mooring retrieval as part of repositioning or decommissioning operations

All Adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards.

ALP Maritime Services has undertaken several initiatives, part of our Environmental Management System, to reduce emissions, fuel consumptions and in general our environmental footprint.

We strive to be a frontrunner in the long distance towing industry with a focus on reducing emissions. Our new ALP FUTURE vessels are designed to be highly fuel efficient compared to our peer vessels and are unique in being TIER III compliant.

By investing in new designs and technologies we are not only able to reduce our environmental footprint, but also able to provide our customers with cost effective services.