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Sep 29, 2015 | | Say something
AddressS12/83, 2nd Floor, Hawre Centurion complex, Plot no-88-91, sector-19A, Seawoods(E) Navi Mumbai
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About Ameya Shipping

AMEYA SHIPPING specializes in providing its clientele with sound business advice, innovative solutions to broad spectra of commercial problems, professional execution of all manner of transactions, and full access to shipping markets.
Among the professional services which the company is able to offer are chartering and brokerage services, strategic advice, logistical support and market research and consultancy services. With a worldwide presence in all major shipping markets and with a proud history of more than 5 years of service to the marine industry, AMEYA SHIPPING is more than qualified to answer the needs of its clients. On a daily basis AMEYA SHIPPING professionals rely on a combination of market intelligence, understanding and insight, combined with the global coverage a multinational shipping organization can provide, in order to assist clients in seizing opportunities and in managing risk.

AMEYA SHIPPING means reliability and steadfastness today and in the future. Treating our clients as partners and sharing what we know with them has been a strategy that has paid countless dividends both for us and for those we serve.
The AMEYA SHIPPING group has a solid economic position as a result of its success in serving its many clients; this means that the group is able to concentrate on providing service instead of having to worry about survival.

Our Values
For us, the measure of success is how successful our clients become as a result of what we do for them. In this regard, the best point of departure in order to achieve our objectives is getting to know our clients and their needs and at the same time familiarizing them with the resources at our disposal.

We think our business is exciting and offers many opportunities. Our ambitions are high and we work hard to achieve them, but there is always a sense of fun and enjoyment in what we do.
We are the first to admit that listening, observing and learning are the way to achieve expertise and professionalism. Once knowledge is acquired, then creativity and innovation based on that knowledge will lead us to developing new and better solutions to the problems our customers face. Many customers require more resources than a single department of AMEYA SHIPPING can deliver and this is why we concentrate on a multi-disciplinary approach to solving the tasks placed before us.

Lastly, we would like to mention how important it is to us to respect our clients´ right to privacy. Discretion and the ability to keep confidences often separate those who get to repeat business and those who do not. We are proud to include ourselves in the former group.

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