Ancora Investment Trust

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AddressPhysical address Artemisiou 3A & Themidos Str., 166 75, Glyfada, Athens.
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About Ancora Investment Trust

Ancora Investment Trust Inc was founded in 1986 and was incorporated in Liberia. The company has been registered in Greece under Law 89/1967.

Ancora took management of its first vessel in November 1986, a handy sized bulk carrier. During the next 10 years 11 more handy and Panamax sized bulk carriers were brought under the management of Ancora and operated successfully. All the vessels managed by Ancora belong to separate shipowing companies.

In 1996, Ancora decided to change its strategy and move into the tanker market focusing its activities only in the management of vessels which transport petroleum products.

Today, the company is an established international manager of seaborne transportation services for refined petroleum products with a fleet of

a) Suez max
b) double-hull MR product tankers
c) double-hull handy-size product tankers
d) double-hull 8.000dwt Product/Chemical IMO III tanker
From its Glyfada operating headquarters, Ancora manages vessels which offer both short and long-term charters to customers which include major oil companies, oil traders and shippers. The Ancora product carriers fleet transports refined petroleum products such as gasoline, fuel oil, diesel oil and naphtha.

Management believes that, in recent years, Ancora has established a reputation in the international shipping community for the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability, all of which are critical factors for customers that demand dependable vessels.

Ancora has many long established customer relationships in the tanker market and believes it is well regarded within the international shipping community. Since 1996, vessels managed by Ancora have been chartered to several major oil companies and traders. Customer relationships are of paramount importance. Ancora believes that it has significant competitive advantages in the Handysize tanker market as a result of the quality and type of vessels it manages and close customer relationship.

Ancora is headquartered at an owned, modern building in Glyfada, denoting its long-term commitment in its shipping business.

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