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Address5th Floor, 665 CRI Building, President Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila
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About Associated Ship Management

We are committed to provide our Principals with seafarers possessing the highest level of competence and professionalism which we shall endeavor to achieve by providing a career path through continuous education and training.

We are cognizant of the fact that our crew and office team are our most important resources and we are committed to their total personal and professional growth.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in conducting our business activities which is the foundation of genuine personal and professional growth.

ASM Manila has obtained its license to operate as a manning agency by
the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on June 20,
2002. At present, our company employs 2,402 professional seafarers on a
fleet of about 190 vessels and still roving in active service to man its
different vessel type including: oil tankers, gas tankers, chemical
tankers, product tankers, container ships, multi-purpose vessels, and
bulk carriers.

ASM-ISNTC traces its roots through the history of cooperation between its German and Filipino owners.
In 1986, the German partners contracted the services of a crew
management company to provide Filipino officers and crew through a
Filipino owned manning agency.
By 1988 the German partners had established Intership Navigation and
worked with the future Filipino partners in a direct Principal-Agent
arrangement. This created a closer, more productive relationship among
the parties.
In 1993 the general plan for a cadet program was drafted and implemented
in 1994 with modest goals. The initial cadet program was conducted with
basic resources. The cadet program was to set the terms of cooperation
between the German and Filipino partners characterized by long term
planning, emphasis in internal resources and critical assessment.
The success of the program brought about increasing investments in
training by the German partners that logically brought about the
establishment of Intership Navigation Training Center in April 1998.
Within a year, increasing business volume and need for more investment
led to a formal joint venture for a crewing agency among the Filipino
and German partners.
In 2002, Associated Ship Management Services, Inc. was incorporated, a
joint venture of equals – the German partners committed to making the
Philippines the prime source of crew vis a vis the Filipino partners
providing acumen in Human Resource Management to develop professional
and highly motivated Filipino Officers and Crew. It was a critical and
strategic partnership aimed to benefit not only the partners but the
seamen as well.

Careers & Jobs

2nd engineer / 2nd officer / Bulk carrier / Catering staff / Chief officer / Container vessel / Deck...

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