Athenian Sea Carriers

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AddressKifissias 10-12, Amarousion 151 25, Athens, Greece
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About Athenian Sea Carriers

Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd. is a Tanker Management Company with extensive experience within the field of Crude Oil and Oil Products transport which by its nature may affect the health and safety of people, the environment of communities. The Company has achieved a leading position amongst Tanker Management Companies due do its capability to provide safe and environmentally friendly oil transportation combinig client satisfaction and protection of public interests.

As stated in Company’s policies, Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd. has an overriding commitment to sustainable development and it pursues this through the effective management of SQE & H. Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd. aspires to Zero Harm and seek to ensure its business contributes lasting benefits to society through the consideration of health, safety, social, environmental, ethical and economic aspects in all Company decisions and activities.

We value:
Safety and the Environment – An overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development. Integrity – Including doing what we say we will do. High Performance – The excitement and fulfillment of achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities.

Relationships – Having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties.

Management of Change – Accepting the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change in the face of adversity.

Teamwork -The embracing of diversity, enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.

Every employee starts each day with a sense of purpose and ends each day with a sense of accomplishment.

Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd is the core of the Athenian Group. The Group includes affiliated companies established with the aim of supporting and ensuring the effectiveness of Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd. Athenian Tankers UK Ltd, fulfil the chartering requirements of the Company.

Having established a highly trained, experienced and dedicated organisation, our targets have been met with the same commitment that has led us to our present leading position.

Our immediate first steps are gradual renewal of older tonnage within the Athenian fleet, improved cost effectiveness whilst consecutively upgrading the quality of service offered.

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