Augusta Offshore

Mar 9, 2017 | | 1 comment
Address287, Riviera di Chiaia - 80121 Naples
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About Augusta Offshore

Augusta Offshore S.p.A. is an Italian Company established in 1986 which specializes in the support of offshore petroleum exploration and production activities.

The Company has become a leader in the mediterranean offshore market, in terms of fleet size, quality and reputation.

The Company’s commercial and technical department are based in Naples; there also are operating branches in El Cairo (Egypt), Rio de Janeiro and Macaè (Brazil).


Augusta Offshore S.p.A. operates a fleet of 17 units, between owned vessels and vessels managed for companies within the group Ca.Fi.Ma.

The fleet consists of 5 anchor handling tug supply vessels, 5 platform supply vessels, 2 anchor handling tugs and 4 tugs, built between 1978 and 2012.

These vessels range from 3,500 to 16,800 BHP for a total exceeding 140,000 BHP.

In recent years, the company, in order to renew and improve the whole fleet, has undertaken an investment program with the aim of reducing the average age of the ships which is now equal to 9 years.

The vessels, all built in compliance with the highest standards of safety and technology, has enabled the company to expand its market in line with the increasing demand for modern high winch capacity and horse power vessels, which today are required for drilling activities in deep waters.

At present there is one newbuilding anchor handling tug supply vessel of about 19,000 BHP at Rosetti Marino shipyard in Italy, scheduled for delivery in 2014.


Augusta Offshore S.p.A. operates world-wide. Currently the fleet is mainly deployed in North Africa, Mediterranean, Red Sea, West Africa, Brazil and North Sea.

The company policy is to secure medium to long term contracts, however some vessels also trade on the spot market.

The Company operates as a contractor, mainly on a long term time charter basis, for some of the major customers in the offshore market, such as Mellitah Oil & Gas and Mabruk Oil in Libya, Leoc and Petrobel in Egypt, Eni in Italy, Petrobras in Brazil, Total, Addax and Exxon Mobil in Nigeria and many of the Majors in the North Sea.