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We glad to present you our company with registered office in KLAIPEDA, LITHUANIA since 2000, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System is applicable to: Provision of manning services for the maritime industry, in accordance with the requirements of the International Labour Organization`s Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006), as applicable to the seafarer, ships catering staff recruitment and placement services (SRPS).

For years of the vigorous activity in the market of granting of services on hiring and manning of crews we have acquired a wide experience and good reputation, that can guarantee a high level of service to our clients. We perform professional selection, training, and processing to provide our employers with qualified and motivated personnel under the International Conventions Standards.

Currently we have in our database more than 3 000 application forms of highly qualified seamen and workers of different occupations from Baltic States and East European countries. All of them are with a good experience in well-known European companies.

BAKENA company personnel are always working hard to make our services better and more efficient. We are always open for new cooperation possibilities.

Established since 2000, BAKENA is an effective organization providing catering personnel of the highest caliber for some of the most prestigious RO-PAX vessel operators across Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea, as well as for Offshore Industry.

All of our candidates are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our policy is to provide vessel operators with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crew management services which will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation.

All our candidates are certified in compliance with STCW-95 qualification requirements. Personnel selection procedure includes an interview, checking of professional abilities, previous sea service & references, level of English (and/or other languages), certificates’ validity.

Our crewing processing includes arrangement of crews’ joining and repatriation as well as all related functions, as required, including union relations, medical examinations, etc.


Careers & Jobs

Able seaman / ASD tug / Barge / Cargo ship / Catering staff / Chief engineer / Chief officer / Deck ...