Bergshav Management

Feb 12, 2016 | | Say something
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About Bergshav Management

The Bergshav Group is comprised of two main activities. The core shipping business is fronted by Bergshav Management, whilst Bergshav Property has involvement in various real estate-related projects.
Bergshav Management AS is an integrated shipping company with its total resources dedicated within chartering and operation, technical management, project development and finance. Long-term devotion to shipping, combined with close follow-up of all assets, will ensure stability and thereby maximize the return to the vessels’ owners. Such return is secured by the highest level of human competence and expertise in all areas of operation.

The management team of the company has been recruited and developed along with the fleet and activities. However, the long-term aspect has been maintained as some employees have experience within the group of more than 30 years. The total experience enables Bergshav to undertake projects and pursue business opportunities in most fields of maritime operations. The qualified and experienced management team combined with financial basis allows the position to offer the expertise and experience of a large organisation in combination with the personal follow up and flexibility which are the features of a smaller company.

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