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About Betelgeize

“BETELGEIZE” is a perspective developing company.
The company “BETELGEIZE” was founded 01.06.2001. It has been already 7 years at the crew sea management market.
For formation of crew and organization of work – we got a unlimited license, the 03/15/2011
Issued by the Ministry of Work of Ukraine.

In 2004 the branch in Kerch (Crimea) was opened.
For 7 years the company created the personal database, consisting of more than 6000 people of marine personnel. At the present time we have a reserve available of the seafarers of different specialities, the senior officers and ratings at the age from 20 to 50 years.

The crewing department consists of the specialists, having rich experience in the ship industry and hiring crew staff for any type of vessels. Our database contains complete information about the competent, trained and disciplined Ukrainian seamen. We employ specialists as well for the Ukrainian vessels as for the ships of European shipowners. All our seamen have all necessary international certificates of competency , including STCW Certificate.

These are well trained seafarers for work on the different types of vessels:

  • All types of bulkers,
  • Universal vessels,
  • Dry-cargo ships,
  • Containers,
  • All types of RO-RO,
  • Refrigerator ships,
  • All types of tankers,
  • Chemicals, Gas carries,
  • Cargo-passenger ferries,
  • Offshore Vessels

Operating, according to the International Conventions, to the legislation of Ukraine and international marine laws, the company “BETELGEISE” has inherited and keeps acknowledged reputation and reliability of the crewing management.

In conditions of marine specialists deficit in the merchant fleet, the company pays much attention to the job with the cadets and students. We provide special selection of the cadets for the shipboard training. With condition of English knowledge and seamanship knowledge. With promotion in the crewing company.

Agreement with Kherson Maritime Institute, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
From 02.11.1006.

“BETELGEIZE” has good reputation among shipowners and crewing companies, selecting and employing only skilled and competent seafarers. It means that the database of the seafarers consists of skilled, experienced, well-trained, healthy and hard working seamen. The policy of seamen recruiting is essentially directed to the security of crew, cargo and vessel, prevention of the environment pollution and performance of the commercial liabilities.
The workers of the agency, having appropriate experience, interview the candidates before filling them into the database. The candidates pass the interview, writing and oral tests for English knowledge and for their qualification and skills. The seafarers are filled into the database of agency only if we are sure that they match their qualification.

Prior to the joining the ship we instruct them according to the requirements of the conventions STCW and ISM Code, also according to the policy of the quality system of the shipowner’s company.

“BETELGEIZE” permanently improves the services to meet the requirements of the clients and applies them according to the standards of IMO, ISM, STCW. The company works in close contact with the crewing department of the shipowner and performs all his instructions.
At the same time the agency operates as independent structure with their inner rules and requirements as for the crew staff employment.

“BETELGEIZE” strictly keeps confidence information concerning the seafarers, as well as the ship and the company in a secret.

Our mission – is the promotion of the professional level in the field of the maritime industry by means of providing a professional competency and job payments for the seamen, who were employed by the agency “BETELGEIZE” and rendering services on the high level for satisfying our clients.

Careers & Jobs

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