Bidsted & Co A/S

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AddressTuborg Havnevej 18, DK-2900 Hellerup, DENMARK
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About Bidsted & Co A/S

We are dedicated to shipping and service, and in our day-to-day business dealings, we constantly remind each other that only satisfied customers become loyal customers and eventually ambassadors. In our 74 years of business, that philosophy has proven to be rather successful, and we are certain that the concept will be viable for years to come.
Although the company is equipped with state of the art communication facilities, we still believe that talking to our customers and business partners all over the world is of paramount importance. Thus the telephone is our most valuable tool in our day-to-day business contact, setting up deals or just staying in touch.
Hilding Bidsted founded Bidsted & Co. A/S in Copenhagen on 2nd September 1940. For nearly a decade, the company’s core business was carrying coal for Danish coal traders.
In the booming post-war time period, the company expanded its activities, primarily servicing Danish coaster and bulk-carrier owners. The company has been instrumental in bringing and refining the Danish shipping market to its present high standard.