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Oct 7, 2016 | | Say something
AddressOrange Grove, Birbal Street Balzan, BZN 9013 Malta
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About Bluhull Resources

A Group Designed to Deliver

Bluhull Group is geared to provide fast efficient, hands on, service to the Marine and Oilfield Business.

Bluhull Group brings a wealth of valued reputation and experience in the Industry with direct involvement on board drilling installations and marine vessels, project management and personnel management.

Striving to Maintain, Preserve and Develop

A team of experts and professionals striving to maintain, preserve and develop a progressive and advanced business approach. We analyze the market needs and demands.

Motivated to Respond

Trained personnel motivated to respond proficiently while working to meet with the Clients’ requirements. Our team is dedicated to produce and develop individual growth.

A Global Business Network

Sharing resources and develop innovative strategic plans in alliance with a global business network; Through active and constant networking Bluhull Group seeks to constantly adjust to the shifting global markets, social and technological trends ensuring it remains alert of the needs of the Industry at all times.

The Mission of Bluhull Group is to contribute and provide an optimum service to the Oil and Gas business while cultivating and developing the potential of our proximate assets.

We operate our Business to the maximum ethical Values, where Quality, Safety and Rules of Free Competition are fully recognized and perceived, in conformity with applicable laws including international anti-corruption acts.

The Group’s quality system is in place to guide us achieve, sustain and continuously strengthen our structure to complete and deliver all the projects entrusted to Bluhull Group in the most efficient and safe manner.

At Bluhull we care about our employees, stakeholders, clients and alliances and that is why we are committed to watch and measure our operating system continuously and adjust to market demands and beyond.

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