Boa Offshore AS

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AddressStrandveien 43 7067 Trondheim Norway
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About Boa Offshore AS

Boa Offshore AS was founded in 1975. During the last few years several other “BOA-companies” have been born, like Boa SBL AS, Boa OCV AS, Boa Barges AS, Boa PSV AS, Boa Marine Services Inc.

The company started its activities with operation of harbour towages and general services to the marine industry along the coast of Norway. Over the past 30 years, we have gradually expanded and are today operating a diversified fleet of about 30 units consisting of modern tugs, offshore vessels, construction vessels and both flattop- and semi-submersible barges.

The main activities today for BOA are:

  • Sea transportation on barges on a world wide basis. In particular offshore modules, drill barges, rigs and other floating objects needing transport by float-on float-off methods
  • Load-out and launching of heavy objects including dry-docking of rigs
  • Rig moves and general supply to the offshore industry
  • Subsea installations and construction work
  • Provision of harbour towages and terminal operations in the ports between Trondheim and Kirkenes
  • Coastal towages along the Norwegian coast, mainly in the middle and northern parts of Norway
  • Salvage operations along the Norwegian coast. Since 1975, we have successfully carried out more than 130 salvage operations, most of them on a “No Cure – No Pay” basis. The company is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU), where membership only is awarded to companies with a certain record.
    Salvage equipment from our main storage building as well as rescuers/divers/staff can rapidly be brought to the emergency area by means of helicopter owned by our affiliated company Helitrans AS

Careers & Jobs

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