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AddressP.O.Box 115, 00121 Helsinki, FINLAND
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About Bore Ltd

Bore has long traditions in shipping, dating back to 1897, when Bore was founded. Today, Bore offers industrial shipping services with a highly maintained fleet, consisting of vessels that have year-round service and Ice Class 1A or 1A Super, and are suitable for the RoRo market.

Bore’s expertise in shipping solutions has developed from over a century of experience. With the future in mind, Bore is constantly progressing towards a new generation in sustainable shipping. The fleet is operated by a competent and service minded crew, where efficiency and safety are the key words for a successful and award winning work environment and attitude.

Bore’s innovative approach for sustainable shipping alternatives have launched an Environmental Programme, as well as founded several practical and environmentally sound developments. With innovative steps and pioneering vessels such as M/V Bore Sea and M/V Bore Song – Bore can offer economical and ecological shipping solutions today.

Our Values state the organisation’s core beliefs. Our care for the well-being of Bore stakeholders; the Customers, the Personnel and the Owners, translates into these Values. They are the basis of our business culture and define our Way of Working, our behaviour and our leadership.

Openness An open mind-set is essential for interactive teamwork and sharing of information. With free flow of information we create an atmosphere for understanding our business operations, at all levels in the organisation.

Fairness Is our approach to handling both internal and external relationships, and our attitude when solving challenges and problems.

Modesty Is the principle in listening to and understanding divergent views and opinions. The opposite of modesty is arrogance.

Trust and Respect Are the most fundamental elements of our interaction and communication with different stakeholders.

Values are, however, helpful only if they are adopted by all employees and are translated into specific organisational patterns of behaviour – our way of thinking, and management procedures – our Way of Working.