Bourbon Offshore Greenmar

Oct 5, 2015 | | Say something
AddressChemin du Canal, 5 – 1260 Nyon
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About Bourbon Offshore Greenmar

Bourbon Offshore Greenmar is organized along two activities:

The Vessels Management activity, which provides full management to the Bourbon Offshore Greenmar fleet of vessels.
The Crewing Management activity, which serves not only Bourbon Offshore Greenmar but also the other worldwide Bourbon affiliates.
Since its founding in 2005, Bourbon Offshore Greenmar has become an important member of BOURBON.

Bourbon Offshore Greenmar shares the same values as BOURBON.

We believe in the continuous improvement of the overall efficiency and performance of our operations. This involves a process of constant upgrading of best practices so that they are well understood by all company employees and lead to a safe working environment.

In addition, we believe that everyone in the company is an individual whose different culture and knowledge contributes to the success of our operations.


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