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Address63 Issam Ajlouni St. PO Box 941336 Shmeisani Amman, 11194 Jordan
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About Business Consult

Business Consult was established in Amman, Jordan in 2001 with a vision to facilitate IT software solutions to serve companies in improving and optimizing their business operations. During the past 16 years, Business Consult has worked closely with enterprises to help them achieve their business objectives thru the innovative use of technology.

Business Consult expanded its geographical coverage and is currently serving clients in Jordan and the Middle East region.

Since the inception of Business Consult we have looked at IT solutions from a business side and set out to offer our clients international and world proven solutions that will help them manage their businesses.

Business Consult was the first company in Jordan to offer International ERP solutions to Jordanian enterprises and has become the leading solution provider in ERP solutions. Based on our success in ERP, we have complemented our solution offering by providing solutions in CRM, Portals, and Business Process Management. We also have a team of professionals that are dedicated to building custom made software solutions to customers.

Our more recent solution offering are digital solutions that help enterprises enhance their customers’ experience in retail shops and branches. Our objective is to provide innovative digital packages that will allow you to create brand awareness, attract customers, increase productivity, and generate sales. Our role is to create, supply, and integrate software and hardware solutions that match the customer journey design

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