Calfrost Engineering

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Address2A, Dabbiru Mansions, Dabagardens Visakhapatnam 530020. (AP) INDIA
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About Calfrost Engineering

Our organisation has been serving various industries since past 30 years in the field of Ship Engineering services mainly and later diversified to turnkey projects in the Oil and Gas industry, inland petroleum product transportation, defense equipment’s indigenizeation ect.,

We associate with many companies in INDIA to provide required Marine engineering services or as local source agents for many Ship Managers and Owners.

A Service sector Company since 1980. We have diversified into various engineering fields and executed Ship Engineering repairs, maintenance, modifications, construction projects, underwater works etc.,

Most of our jobs/ projects had been overseen by EIL/ DNV/MECON/BAX Council/TPL/Lloyds as the inspecting agency with a very strong concern for quality and time.

Registered with Visakhapatnam Port Trust and Gangavaram Port.

Also members of Vizag Ship Repairers Association(VISA).


Main/Aux. Engine repairs, Generators repairs, AVR replacements
Refrigeration /A.C plant maintenance, break down repairs, overhauling of Compressors
Electrical motor rewinding, E/R Alarm monitors, panel fault detection & Rectification
Electrical and Instrumentation fault detection and rectification
Repairing of hydraulic or pneumatic winches or cranes
Steel renewal as per class requirements and approval
Under water inspections, repair jobs
Crane Hydraulic motors, jibs/grab repairs etc.,
Load testing of cranes & loose gears,Indian registry of lifting equipment’s etc.,

Electrical and Instrumentation projects:-

Executed E & I construction Project on unmanned Panna D Platform of ONGC built at VSKP.
Instrumentation installation on Vizag Vijaywada Pipe Line with L & T (Phase -I)
Instrumentation erection on Vijayawada – Secunderabad Pipe Line with L & T (Phase-II)
E & I Project of GAIL Spread-VI Vizag – Secunderabad LPG Pipeline.
Commissioning and calibration of all instruments for Panna E Platform.
Above ground electrical job at SALPG site under Larsen and Toubro

Underwater works:-

Installation of Anodes and reference cells for HPCL Pipeline on trestle bridge Vizag.
Underwater videography, repairs, propeller cleaning, hull cleaning, prop. shaft leaks arresting ect.

Underground Pipeline testing:-

Outer harbor to LPG Plant- HPCL, Jetty to IOCL, Jetty to BPCL(Visakhapatnam).
ESSAR Biladila Visakhapatnam Pipe Line project 90 K.M.
Worked with various companies for testing petroleum product pipelines around India and tested nearly 50 section of length from 600mts to 37K.M in one section.

Precision Engineering jobs:-

Repair and Calibration of High Pressure Safety Relief Valves of various sizes.
Charging Accumulator with Nitrogen for Shut down Panel on Riggs/Platform at 220Kgs/cm2.
Repairs of Pressure Control valves.
Repair on Pipe Indicating Gauge launcher for leak.
Installation of Temporary Cathodic Protection on pipelines.
Modification on Pneumatic control panels of Test Separator skid

Mechanical Engineering works:-

Manufacturing of centrifugal blowers, ducting.
Modification of Semi Automatic Missile booster loading trolley for RZ-61 missile -Indian Navy.
Manufacturing of blower unit for AHUs.
Manufacturing of heat exchangers / Chillers or evaporators

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