Chemikalien Seetransport

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AddressMattentwiete 1 D-20457 Hamburg
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About Chemikalien Seetransport

Gas, oils and chemicals are sensitive, quality products, which is why responsibility for the crew, cargo, ship and environment has always been a top priority for Chemikalien Seetransport G.m.b.H.

Our highly qualified onshore and onboard staff ensures reliability as well as the technical and commercial operation of our fleet. We manage both our own and third-party ships. We also expect the highest standards from our crew management. Only a well-qualified crew can act conscientiously and confidently even in difficult situations.

Our responsibility does not end at our workplace. The foundation set up by owner Peter Krämer is committed to improving long-term educational opportunities for children in Africa.

Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH has been managing the nautical, technical and commercial operations of tankers and bulk carriers for nearly 50 years. For us, this tradition involves an enormous responsibility, continuous learning and, with it, a constant improvement in the quality of our services.

Our work is shaped by these values and beliefs:

  • Our corporate independency forms a solid basis for long-standing customer and business relationships.
  • We endeavor to deliver the best quality while complying with the existing regulations and standards.
  • The safety of life, health, environment and property has top priority in our day-to-day work.
  • Our success is based on the expertise of our employees. We encourage fairness, equal opportunity and opportunities for continuous learning

Marine Service is the consulting engineering company within the Dr. Karl-Heinz Krämer Group, specializing in maritime applications in the field of “LNG as Fuel”, LNG transport and offshore wind power converter platforms. For new ships and ship conversions, Chemikalien Seetransport uses the know-how of Marine Service, which has been built up since 1958 with a wide range of “pioneering solutions”. Chemikalien Seetransport is delighted to have a competent partner within the company group, that can use its knowledge of the fleet to develop technical solutions quickly and competently.

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