CODie software products e.K.

Mar 9, 2017 | | 1 comment
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About CODie software products e.K.

CODie today is a successful global company, headquartered in Germany. Divided into a maritime and a financial division, we serve over 2.000 companies.

We believe our task is to support you by delivering tools that allow best practice management.

All companies need excellent support, especially when it comes to game-deciding software. We are proud to provide you with best customer support, we care about you and we show it.

Our Team

CODie is a family-owned and owner-driven company, established in 1990. Today 18 people put their hearts into our products and services to guarantee your full satisfaction. Small and agile companies like ours can only exist if everyone works with love and commitment, and we want to use this page to say thank you!

Finance Business

We provide insurance brokers, financial advisers and consultants with a management solution.

Our system CODieBOARD# finance-center is the heartbeat of your company, enabling complete control over all business processes. It improves your sales with detailed campaigns, reducing your liability risks and increasing productivity with smart assistance.

Maritime Industry

We have helped to keep your vessels tidy and afloat for over 20 years.

The maritime arm of CODie delivers the best management software for vessels and shipping companies. As a result you reduce shipbuilding costs, improve fleet efficiency and hire crews with an eye on skills and future needs.

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