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About CONTI-Group

The CONTI-Group is one of the world’s leading managing owners of container vessels, bulkcarriers and tankers.
In close cooperation with its charter partners and in accordance with their specific needs, CONTI designs and finances vessels, supervises the building process and operates the vessels for the most part on long term time-charter contracts.

As such the CONTI-Group is dedicated to rendering innovative and particularly reliable services to the shipping industry for the mutual benefit of charterers and CONTI as the owner.

CONTI’s present fleet comprises 71 carriers in service, including 30 post-panmax container vessels, of which 12 vessels fall in the 7,500 TEU + size category. The total container capacity equals approximately 178,211 TEU.

Having served the industry for more than 46 years, CONTI has developed close and friendly relationships with its business partners, among them the elite of liner shipping companies.

Offering a Comprehensive Service Package
The CONTI-Group is one of the world`s leading partners in the international financing and shipping community, offering services from the design of new building projects to financing, shipbuilding and vessel operations.

The scope of activities includes:

  • commercial / technical project design and project management,
  • off-balance-sheet financing of vessels of all types and specifications,
  • vessel operation,
  • commercial ship management and provision of chartering services.

Liner shipping companies and tanker operators avail themselves of these services, either as a package or individually.

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