Corum Marine

Oct 25, 2016 | | Say something
Address17. Big Arnautskaya str, office 6A 65012 Odessa Ukraine
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About Corum Marine

Our pool of personnel covers up specialized positions such as DP Operators, Sparrow Crane Operators Stage 2- 3, COXWAIN, Workshop Team and staff for across the Offshore Industry. We are supplying marine specialists proficient in a wide range of marine operations, including rig moves, DP Trails, shipyard projects, as well as independent audit, training and survey work.

We believe that adding value to every project is paramount, so we apply our in-depth industry knowledge to each client’s specific operation, and then provide precisely the right, competent and specialist personnel to meet all requirements.

Our professional staff has a broad range of backgrounds, marine education and previous experience in Marine, Offshore and Crewing Management that helps us to succeed in increasing the productivity of our business.

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