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Address415 UN Ave. cor Alhambra Streets, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
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About Crewcare

Crewcare Inc.(CCI) is a quality oriented company organized and existing as a corporation under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines since 2000 and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as a manning agency authorized to recruit and deploy Filipino seamen for overseas employment. The company’s pledge is to maintain the highest level of professional ethics and manning integrity to ensure that every party (Clients/Seaman)are afforded full measure of courtesy and dignity.

The Services

CCI offers a complete marine personnel package tailored to the Client’s needs. CCI experienced and dedicated personnel have a proven track record of ensuring a high level of performance in fulfilling the specification of various Clients. CCI can provide requirements for one person, a riding gang or a full crew. The combination of Filipino expertise and experience both onboard and ashore, allows CCI to provide its Clients with First Class Service at competitive rates. The scope and philosophy of the company is the optimum recruitment of well-trained qualified, certified efficient and loyal Filipino seafarers in its Clients.

The Selection Training and Screening

CCI ensures that crew deployed meet the requirements that are laid down in the Revised International Convention on Standards of Training, Cerification and Watchkeeping (STCW’95). Such prescribed standards are the minimum requirements for all applicants. All seagoing personnel prior to joining CCI undergo a pre-employment medical examination in accordance with procedures consistent with those approved by the PEME and the Philippine Department of Health.

CCI has service arrangements with major maritime training centers that offer basic, upgrading and specialized courses required by STCW’95. This link ensures the quality of standard method is maintained and made use of the best training facilities in the Philippines for short modular upgrading and special courses.