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Sep 26, 2015 | | 2 comments
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About Cuneus group

The Cuneus group of companies exists of several independent companies which are dedicated through contracts to work together. These companies each have specific know-how in the areas of recruitment, sales or (financial) administration.
It is the purpose of every member within the group to add its specific expertise to the common goal of international manpower distribution. Recruitment in countries with an abundant supply of manpower and placement in countries where there are shortages of manpower.
The policy of the group is to maintain long term relations with both personnel and clients and to find for each the best way to satisfy their needs. Careful calculation, high standards in professionalism and in-depth knowledge of both national and international labor- and taxation laws are the basis on which to accomplish our goals.
Cuneus has clients in the Maritime, Offshore, Inland shipping and Care industries. We cater successfully to their needs.
Our personnel is recruited and trained locally to international standards for placement abroad in most cases. Salary and working conditions conform to- or exceed both international standards and the level in the country where they are placed.
Cuneus respects the privacy of all. International- and local privacy laws are respected and transcended by our own privacy policy. No data will be shared with anyone, unless required by law.

Careers & Jobs

Able seaman / Catering staff / Chief engineer / Chief officer / General cargo / Master / Motorman...

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