Dalmorneftegeophysica (DMNG)

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Address426, Prospekt Mira, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,693004, Russia
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About Dalmorneftegeophysica (DMNG)

Formed in 1965 and focused on hydrocarbon exploration in the USSR’s Far East Offshore, now Dalmorneftegeophysica (DMNG) provides an extensive range of worldwide geophysical services for the petroleum industry including surveys planning, data acquisition, processing, interpretation and hydrocarbon resource evaluation. The company has three modern 2D/3D vessels which meet all the requirements of international industry. DMNG also possesses the Russia largest processing center.

DMNG’s multi-client G&G data library is the most comprehensive one for matured Sakhalin basins and frontier exploration zones of the Russian Far East offshore. It includes both 2D/3D seismic data and geological reports, which cover all areas from East Siberian Sea on the north to Japanese Sea on the south.

Being a full-service marine geophysical company, which performs all types of marine geological and geophysical operations, DMNG consists of the following departments: Marine Department, Processing Center, Interpretation Service, Marketing Department, Contract Department, Operation Support Department, Finance and Economic Department

Marine Acquisition of DMNG operates state-of-the art seismic vessels and ensures realization of geophysical surveys in any climatic areas, any location of World Ocean.. Technical equipment of the vessels allows to carry out a complete complex of geophysical surveys including gravity, magnetometer surveys and seismic 2D/3D exploratio

Processing center of DMNG provides all types of geophysical data processing both in the central office and onboard the survey vessels; has sufficient experience in organizing mobile processing centers in the regions indicated by the customers.

Geological Department resolves a wide spectrum of issues allowing to perform a full package of G&G data interpretation work, starting from regional researches and up to realization of detailed operations with giving recommendations on the optimum exploratory wells location in accordance with the requirements and instructions from both Russian and foreign clients. The Department has extensive experience in interpretation of the data acquired in East Siberian Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk and Japan Sea as well as offshore Asia Pacific.

Marketing Department provides market analysis, marketing strategy and planning of multi-clients (MC) projects; supports MC data library.

Contract Department is responsible for tendering and contracts administration.

Support Operations Department provides necessary licenses, approvals and permits for DMNG’ projects, export-import orerations, immigration and visa support, manages geophysical data archive.

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