Dannebrog Rederi AS

Nov 4, 2015 | | Say something
AddressRungsted Strandvej 113, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, DENMARK
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About Dannebrog Rederi AS

According to legend, the Danish flag ‘Dannebrog’ fell from the sky on June 15th 1219. This is the flag after which Dannebrog Rederi was named more than 120 years ago, and our family has been the controlling owner and manager for almost 40 years.
True to the nature of shipping, there have been ups and downs for the company. Now, more than ever the essence of successful shipping lies with the motivation of people and the management of information. While we are focused on ship safety, asset timing, business acumen and other crucial matters, our management priority is the relationship between people and flows of information.
Apart from surprising swings in the market cycle it can be argued that shipping has evolved slowly since the Suez crisis 50 years ago. Currently, we are likely to be at the beginning, some would say midst, of a more fundamental shift in shipping, driven by developments in information technology.
In such a process of change we find it important to rely on tried and true values. We are proud of these core values. Together with our Mission Statement, these core values assure us about where we are heading and how we go about it.

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