Dansk Rederi A/S

Nov 4, 2015 | | Say something
AddressTuborg Havnevej 18, DK-2900 Hellerup-Copenhagen, DENMARK
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About Dansk Rederi A/S

DANSK REDERI A/S (BIANCO Shipping Company Ltd) is a long-established Danish shipowning company, specialized in owning and managing bulk carrier vessels, often in joint venture with third parties.

Safety, protection of the marine environment and cost efficiency are key objectives for all our services.
Our carbon footprint is low, as many of our vessels are equipped with various advanced fuel-saving technologies to increase propeller efficiency and reduce hull resistance through the water. Combined, these features can reduce fuel consumption by around 8%.

DANSK REDERI A/S was founded back in 1941 by Captain Hans Peter Lauritsen and Ship Owner Svend Åge Hansen, later owned by the late state-authorized shipbroker Mr. Hilding Bidsted, the founder of Bidsted & Co. Since the 1970’s the Company has been headed by Mr. Michael Holm.

The first 3 vessels owned by the company, back in the 1940’s, were about 250 tons dwt; in the 70’s and 80’s, the size of the tonnage grew to 2.000 upto 20.000 tons, and today the size of our 5 Bulk Carriers varies from 32,000 up to 56,000 tons dwt, trading on time charter for shorter or longer period to overseas or local charterers. The company also owns stakes in other vessels, managed by associated companies.

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