Rederi AB Donsötanks

Feb 3, 2016 | | Say something
AddressDonsö Hamnväg 18 430 82 Donsö, Sweden
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About Rederi AB Donsötanks

Donsötank, Rederi AB is a family company registered in 1953, and since then the business has grown and more vessels has been acquired.

The company owns and operates five tankers and has around 150 employees at sea, and 13 at the office.


Donsötank has a long tradition of shipping from the beginning of the 19th century when the bunker operations started in Gothenburg. The experience trough generations has made us an innovative and reliable partner in shipping.

Rederi AB Donsötanks way is full engagement in every aspect of managing vessels. We believe that a motivated crew combined with an optimized vessel is the key to success with safe transports.

Our experience is that the 12 elements of TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment) generate continuous improvement. We are confident to continue the course that one has entered upon, as the entire fleet has reached high performance with crew retention rates above 90%.

Our experience is also that visible leadership by managers in all areas from safety to maintenance gives constructive relations between ship and shore. It might seem strange that a Technical Manager is a part of the onboard service team but that is the way it is in our company.

Audits and ships visits according to our controlled audit formats are always conducted by top level management to grant proper implementation of established procedures.

We have found this to be our way in right direction as continuous improvement must go on as long as tanker business exists.

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