Eagle Clarc Shipping

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Address6th Flr, The Gregorian Bldg, 2178 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila 1004 Philippines
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About Eagle Clarc Shipping

With a history encompassing more than two decades, Eagle Clarc Shipping Phils Inc. has gone a long way since its establishment. The company’s experience in manning operations dates back to the 1970’s.

At present, our company’s primary area of operations is providing personnel to seismic, research, and supply vessels. Our personnel can also be available for deployment on product/chemical/liquefied tankers and bulk carriers. We operate with an all-Filipino crew who are highly regarded and sought after in all maritime sectors. Our company also maintains superb relations within the industry and relevant authorities.

We understand the utmost importance of quality ship management and excellent training as crucial factors in safe, efficient, and profitable ship operations. Our commitment to maintaining such standards is evident in our attainment of the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which we have kept in good standing ever since our initial registration almost a decade ago. Further, in December of 2011, BUREAU VERITAS audited our Quality Management System and attested that it complies to Regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention. In having maintained this credential we are therefore officially recognized as a world-class corporation capable of fully complying with international standards.

Eagle Clarc Shipping Philippines, Inc. remains steadfast in its commitment to further improve its standards, operations, and facilities as we move towards another decade of excellence in the maritime industry while helping its clients meet the evolving challenges of this century and beyond.

Eagle Clarc Shipping Phils., Inc insists upon using only correct and legal recruitment processes while maintaining the highest standards of training and retention of all its current personnel. All crewmember training & certification are stringently kept up-to-date and upgraded whenever necessary in accordance with all relevant IMO & STCW 2010 regulations.

Each of our seafarers is required to undergo all necessary basic and advanced training relevant to their function onboard. This would include theoretical and practical examinations complemented by actual experience. Along with professional training managers, during periods of non-seafaring duty our company’s Captains and Chief Engineers are also actively involved in internal training programs.

We believe that a vessel’s operational dimensions of efficiency; safety; profitability; and, environmental protection are totally compatible with each other. Therefore, every crewmember is hired according to the correct composition of certified skills and experiences, keeping in mind our commitment to optimally balancing the needs of all the vessel’s stakeholders. While on board, each seafarer can function properly with the assurance that Eagle Clarc Shipping Phils., Inc. strictly follows all pertinent international rules and agreements, especially when it comes to their wages and remuneration packages. In fact, our company upholds a highly-admired reputation for being up-to-date in promptly fulfilling our obligations for seafarer benefits.

Careers & Jobs

Able seaman / Bosun / Bulk carrier / Catering staff / Chief engineer / Chief officer / Deck officer ...