Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO)

Jan 13, 2016 | | Say something
Address16201 East Main Street Cut Off, LA 70345-3804
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About Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO)

Founded as Edison Chouest Boat Rental in Galliano, Louisiana, in 1960, the Edison Chouest Offshore companies (ECO) are recognized today as the most diverse and dynamic marine transportation solution providers in the world. ECO operates a growing fleet of over 200 vessels, ranging from 87 to over 360 feet in length, serving an expanding global customer base.
Staying on the forefront of new technologies is an integral part of the Chouest business plan, as evidenced by recent advances in the areas of subsea support, integrated bridge systems and global communications.
The ability to design, build, own and operate diverse, high-capacity and technologically superior vessels has made ECO an unrivaled leader in the maritime industry.

The majority of ECO vessels are designed, engineered and built at Chouest-affiliated shipyards. These world-class shipbuilding facilities are models of operational integrity. Equipped to accommodate a wide range of new construction projects, as well as repairs, conversions and refits, ECO shipyards are expertly managed to ensure absolute quality control and strict delivery schedules. Chouest’s ability to design, build, own and operate state-of-the-art, mission-specific vessels offers its customers a value unmatched in the industry.

A growing number of Chouest vessels offer remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capabilities providing innovative subsea solutions to the many complex challenges facing today’s offshore industry. In 2007, ECO created C-Innovation (C-I) to meet the increasing demand for technologically advanced subsea operations. Serving a global customer base, C-I provides a wide range of ROV services, including subsea construction, field development, engineering and project management.
The C-I ROV fleet is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge subsea technology utilizing an intelligent control system designed for precise operations. The control system features multiple sensors providing ongoing system monitoring in real time, allowing for immediate diagnostics should an issue arise. A remote monitoring function allows real-time onshore observation of ROV system diagnostics and streaming video during subsea operations. The Mid-Water StationKeep feature uses an inertial navigation system combining a ring laser gyro, high accuracy accelerometers and depth sensors to provide very accurate position and velocity. This allows the ROV to maintain a set position throughout the entire water column.

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