Enzian Ship Management (ESM)

Jan 27, 2016 | | Say something
AddressBremgartnerstrasse 7 CH-8003 Zürich Switzerland
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About Enzian Ship Management (ESM)

ESM is a high quality ship management company located in Zurich, Switzerland. We are presently managing 19 dry cargo vessels, ranging from 7.600 – 18.000 dwt. They are managed commercially, technically and operationally.

ESM belongs to the group SCL Reederei AG, Bern. The SCL is not only active in ship management and ship owning but also in ship finance.

The commercial, operational and technical management is conducted by a well experienced group of staff. More than forty years of management experience in the shipping sector can be exhibited by the senior managers, forming a solid base for our future assignments. A constant flow of information to and from port agents, suppliers, brokers, charterers, but most importantly the ship’s commands are inevitable. The strong competition on the shipping market makes an efficient and expeditious structure indispensable.

Enzian formed a fruitful mixture between well experienced former captains and engineers and young shipping enthusiasts. They all follow the same goals.

ESM is offering full- or tailored part management:

  • Commercial management
  • Technical management including docking / repair supervision
  • Crew management in partnership with agencies in Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Sri Lanka
  • Insurance and claims handling
  • Sales & Purchase services
  • New building supervision
  • Accounting services

Enzian is ISM certified by Lloyd’s Register and all vessels are operated under strict ISPS security rules. Enzian is as well a BIMCO member.

Enzian Ship Management (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) recognizes the obligation to conduct its affairs constructively and innovatively, and has established a Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the HSQE) for our cargo ships and Company’s shore-based personnel, which meets the requirements of Resolution A741(18), International Safety Management (ISM) Code, adopted at the SOLAS Conference of IMO held in May 1994 and incorporated in Chapter IX of the SOLAS Regulations.

It is our policy to provide marine transportation services of quality, safety and efficiency. Through management review, we assess the adequacy, effectiveness, and suitability of our management system, including our stated policies and associated objectives, to ensure that these targets are met.

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