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AddressBox 900, SE-531 19 Lidköping, SWEDEN
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About Erik Thun Group

The Erik Thun Group is a family company in the second generation, now also involving a third. We regard continuity within the family as a guarantee that we preserve our values also in the future. On this page you can read more about our current business activities.


The group owns and operates around 40 vessels. You can find all fleet lists and photos on our ships page. These range in size from 4.000 to 10.500 tons deadweight and are divided into four categories:


Our subsidiary company, Thun Tankers, are market leaders in North West Europe for smaller product tankers. Thun Tankers fully owns 13 tankers and together with our partners we operate 18 tankers in sizes ranging from 5000 to 10000 dwt.

Dry Cargo

Our conventional dry cargo ships are of Väner-max size and sail between Lake Vänern, the west coast of Sweden, the Baltic Sea and Continental and Mediterranean ports. They are commercially managed from our head office in Lidköping. You can view the fleet list for the Dry Cargo ships here.

Self Unloaders

Our seven self-unloading ships range in size up to 10.500 dwt and are all fitted with Thun Cargo Scooper discharging equipment. They are trading different commodities in Nordic Europe, Mediterranean and between Brazil and Canada and are commercially managed by our subsidiary Citadel Shipping.

Cement Carriers

Our eight cement carriers are co-owned with Norwegian shipowner KGJ Cement AS, through the joint venture JT Cement AS. They are all under 6.000 dwt and operate in northern Europe.

Careers & Jobs

Bulk carrier / Cargo ship / Chemical tanker / Oil tanker / Tanker...

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